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  1. Thanks for that info. I never noticed the the last 2 digits on that counter! My first clip shows on the counter 00:00:06:03. That's 6 seconds + 3 frames Correct?
  2. What your telling me is that the whole number is seconds and the decimal number is the number of frames past the whole numbert and the number of frames has to be divided by 29 to get the seconds.Seems odd...
  3. I'm trying to get this straight in my head. I'm doing a little study but havent come to any conclusions. I have a production with two 6 second clips in it. By watching the position meter and placing the needle at the end of the first clip it tells me that the clip is 6.03 seconds long. When I play it and time it with a stop watch I get 6.7 seconds. I've timed it about 10 times and get the same results. The second clip is 6 seconds long on the meter and that is what my stop watch says it is. When I play the two clips together I read 12.75 seconds on the watch. I notice a short hesitation between the two clips. Any reasons for this discrepancy? Jim
  4. The next thing I stumbled on was: the duration of the transitions is adjusted with a slider. Just slide to the new length and let go. you have to adjust the color panel duration by typing the lentgh in the box and, then, you have to hit enter. DUH...
  5. Jim B

    Spell Checker

    is there a spell checker on this site? How do I turn it on? Thanks. Jim. B
  6. video 9 minutes - disolve 4 seconds - color panel - 12 seconds - close - 1 second. My point is: if you increase the duration of a transition, that increase will be subtraced from the time the color panel is shown.
  7. Jim B

    Color Panel Duration

    I have inserted a color panel with text at the begining of a production. I have set the duration of the panel for 12 ceconds but the text only shows for 10 seconds and the last portion of the panel is blank. What do I need to do to fix this? Thanks, J. Birke
  8. Jim B

    Color Panel Duration

    After spending a little more time with the process, I found it's only necessary to drag the text to the end point and just let go. Thanks again.
  9. Jim B

    Color Panel Duration

    Thanks Walt for the quick reply. The first time I tried it, I got a blank panel. it took a couple of tries before I found that I had to click on the text track after draging for the change to take effect.
  10. I know this goes back a long time but I was recently faced with an extreamly slow rendering of a MPEG file. 14 minutes long and only 5 minutes rendered after 20 minutes. I took the suggestion of rendering with software rether then hardware. The file was completely rendered in 5 minutes. I've got a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT card installed in my desktop. Can anyone tell me why hardware rendering takes so long Thanks. Jim B.
  11. Jim B

    Video Quality Question

    i recorded a tv show using my DVD recorder. I imported it into videowave and cut the commercials out of it. What would be the MPEG quality setting I should use when I export the video to my hard drive? Should I use this file to burn an ISO file or should I burn the ISO file from videowave and skip the export step? Thanks Jim B.
  12. Jim B

    Making An Iso File

    I'm finished editing a video in videwave. How do I make an iso file? Jim B.
  13. I've digitized a cassette tape of a meeting using WAV format. I converted it to an MP3 (good quality) file and made a MP3 disk. The disk doesn't work in my car CD player. Can someone tell me how to do this properly? Thanks. Jim B
  14. I've never had a problem reading RW's on my computer. They are what I use while editing. When I'm finally done testing, I burn to -R's so that other players can read them. Jim
  15. Yeh...Using CD-RW's seenm to be the problem. Burned the file on a CD-R and it worked fine.
  16. I followed Sknis' advice. Split the file at the 45 min point and burned 2 CD-R disks and both played on all players. I had some mistakes on disk #2. I edited the clip then recorded it on a CD-RW disk just in case it still wasn't right. Now for the strange part. I have 2 GM and 1 ford vehicle in my driveway. The CD-RW disks plays fine in the Ford but not in the GM's. It also doesn't play on the CD player (it doesn't even recognize it) in the entertainment center. All the disks have the same file structure on them. Any explaination for this? I will burn disk #2 on a CD-R and expect it to play fine. Thanks for all the help Jim
  17. Thanks for the reply. The meeting was about 1.5 hrs. long. It seems the length of the recording is the determining factor rather than the file size. Do I have to split the clip and record the two halves seperately, or is there an application that will automatically put the file on two disks? Off topic topic. Does this forum have a spell checker? Jim
  18. So thats where it was hidden? Tried it, it worked. Thanks Jim
  19. I'm working on a audio file in sound editor. I have two clips that I want to jion. I'm instructed to hold down the CTRL key and select the clips in order to join them. This doesn't work. I can select one or the other not both. Reading the help file I see mention of the "mix editor" and how it can be used to join clips. Now here's where my stupidity shines through. I can't figure out how to open the mix editor. Maybe I'm overcomplicating this and there's an easy way to do this... Thanks. Jim B.
  20. Jim B

    Rovi Music Service

    Thanks for trying. Maybe someone else has an idea... Bon appétit . Jim
  21. Jim B

    Rovi Music Service

    Every time I insert an audio dics into my computer, this pops up. It's a nuisance and I have no use for it. Can I dissable it in some way? Thanks. Jim B.
  22. Jim B

    Rovi Music Service

    OOPS. Spoke to soon. Used to appear when I inserted a disc. Now it appears when I go to burn a audio disc. Jim
  23. Jim B

    Rovi Music Service

    Thanks! worked perfectly. Jim
  24. Jim B

    Microfiche Scanning

    Has anyone scanned and printed information from 4' x 6" microfiche cards? The data on them are black and white drawings and text. I can do this on a reader at the local library but with the number of copies I need, the cost will be prohibitive. Thanks. Jim B. .