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    Which one to remove

    I'm trying to clean some of the clutter out of my 12 year old computer. I have both Roxio 2012 and NXT4 pro installed. My use of the program is pretty much limited to just editing video and audio files. I am looking for suggestions for which one I should uninstall. PS. I noticed the file size for 2012 is 1.6 times larger than the one for NXT4. does that mean that NXT4 runs more efficiently or has less features? Thanks. Jim Birke
  2. Jim B

    Which one to remove

    Merci. I now know everything...
  3. I know this is a very old post but maybe you can help me. When I click on the link in this post I get "error 404 file cannot be found" I wanted to see the comparison between the two versions because I've got both installed on my computer and am trying to clean up some clutter on it and was going to remove one of the versions. It was suggested I keep 2012. Do you have another link that will show me the comparisons?
  4. Jim B

    Which one to remove

    Are you saying that, even though it has a larger footprint, it has less features? Jim
  5. Jim B

    "Popping" noise in audio playback

    Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking, (not my strong suit), if one were able to view the waveform in an audio editor, the pops should show up as a sharp spike on it. And, if it were possible to cut that spike off of the waveform, that might work. The files I am working with are mostly spoken words from audiobooks and the pops, occur immediately after the word when it is spoken loudly or shouted. If the short portion containing the pop could be cut out, the word still would be understandable.The Pops do not occur very often and, with a little patience, I think I could fix the files up. Jim
  6. I have several audio files recorded at two high a volume. Consequently, when I play them back, loud voices and noises are accompanied with a popping sound. Is there any way, using audio editor to eliminate or decrease these sounds? Jim Birke
  7. I am using a site that provides the ability to listen to audiobooks. You can save shortcuts to the ones that you're interested in on your computer. When you click on the shortcut, that site opens and plays the audiobook. I can hear it through my speakers and earphones. I tried to use easy audio capture to save the stream to my computer. It will save an MP3 file on my computer but, when I click on that file, I don't hear any audio. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thanks. Jim Birke
  8. Jim B

    Easy audio capture problem

    As always, thanks for the reply. This is the link to the site. https://www.scribd.com/search?content_type=tops&page=1&query=the dark tower&language=1 This is the link to the audiobook. https://www.scribd.com/listen/294689904
  9. Jim B

    Learning center problem

    Please disregard this question. I found my answer in an earlier post Thanks. Jim
  10. I am using NXT4And I can't open any of the PDF files in the Learning Center. Can someone help me fix this problem?
  11. I am using NXT 4. I can open the learning center and get a selection of the different subjects. If I click on one of the subjects, I get a list of PDF files to view. When I try to open one of the PDF files, nothing happens. Can someone help please? Jim Birke
  12. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    When I looked at my list of default apps by file type, I see that I got Foxit selected for PDF files. As of right now I don't need to find any other PDF files. I'll keep you in mind if I do...Maybe we haven't solved the problem but, we took a pretty good swing at it. Jim
  13. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    The PDFs do not download from the Learning Center screen in either NXT4 or Roxio 2012. Yes, they will download from your links but, they open in Microsoft edge not Foxit. Jim
  14. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    Thanks for your help Brandon. Now, I Mark this problem is being solved?
  15. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    Thank you for the reply and the links. The Learning Center I'm using is the one from NXT4 In the Music – audio tab as the selections. They are quite different from the ones you sent me (See below)I have Roxio 2012 installed on my computer the Learning Center in it is the same as the one in 2010. The PDF files in it do not open either.I have Foxit set as my go to app for PDF files. Have you noticed that, sometimes, they open in Microsoft edge Like the links you sent me?
  16. Jim B

    Learning center not working

    Thank you for the reply. I'm trying to find some help in the music – audio tab. It doesn't matter which tab I open, none of the PDF files open. The link you sent me opened in Microsoft edge. I right clicked on it but didn't see an "open with" selection. I generally use Firefox as my browser and Foxit PDF reader for PDF files.
  17. Where can I find a comparison between Roxio Creator NXT 6 and NXT 4? Thnaks. Jim B.
  18. I'll have to plead the 5Th on that question. The friend passed away some time ago so I can't ask him where he got the download but, I imagine, he paid to download it from some site like eBay. There are many programs there that vendors advertise a digital download for. They place no limitations on the installations that can be made from that download. I have a hard copy of Creator 2012 that I bought some time ago and have since installed it on a number of different machines. I would think that the same would hold true for a downloaded version. But then, thinking is not my strong suit.
  19. Okay, I'll do that. I'll bet there probably isn't a comparison between creator 2012 and NXT 4 to be had anywhere. Jim.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. I have NXT 4 installed on my computer. Do your thoughts above apply to it also? Fortunately, I got it free. And, fortunately, I still have my creator 2012 installation disk. Does NXT 4 have any worthwhile features that are lacking in 2012? Thanks. Jim.
  21. Jim B

    Exporting splits

    Is there a way to split a file into two parts and export each part as a separate file?
  22. Jim B

    Crash problem

    I have been using creator 2012 and have experienced crashing problems with it on a regular basis. I followed all of the suggested ways to correct this problem including uninstalling and it reinstalling several times. Nothing helped. I'm considering buying NXT6. Is this a stable version?
  23. Jim B

    Exporting splits

    Thanks for the reply and interest. File type - MPG2 size 7.5 GB Module - Video wave. Creator ver. - NXT4 Windows 7 home premium
  24. I am recording some programs for my daughter on DVD – RW discs. I plan on transferring these programs to DVD + R discs after editing them in video wave. After burning one program to a disk can I, subsequently, burn more programs to the same disk? Thanks in advance for any help. Jim B.