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  1. R.T.

    Dmsm Will Not Load...

    Waited 10 minutes after HD light stopped flashing. No other file took over 2 minutes to load. Any other time the hard dive light blinks for all the time the file is loading and only stops when it is done. The 2011 version and the new NXT2 are different computers. I think it is a bad file because it "locks up" the program and stops loading.
  2. R.T.

    Dmsm Will Not Load...

    I recently upgraded to the NXT2 version. I was told that older version files are not very compatible with NXT2, so I was going to use 2011 Pro to load two different DMSM files that were created with 2011 Pro over a year ago. I wanted to check these productions before creating the ISO file and then burning a DVD. Well, when I attempted to load one of the DMSM files into 2011 Pro, the external HD they were stored on blinked for several seconds and then appeared to stop loading the file. The hourglass icon was on the screen and would not go away. I had to do a force stop of video wave to see what happened. The file will not load. Are there any known programs that can "fix" what appears to be a corrupt DMSM file?
  3. R.T.

    Creator 2011 To Creator Nxt2

    Thanks Brendon, I am not surprised at your answer. Not too big a problem. I will just finish that one file with 2011 and then the other two disks with the new program and newer computer.
  4. Made a lot of movies with Creator 2011. I took a break for about a year or so and have a DMSM file that is completed but I never made the ISO file or burned a DVD. I tried to load that DMSM file in NXT2 and the program crashed. Question would be are the files from 2011 to NXT2 different and a 2011 cannot be loaded in NXT2? Or is there another reason for the crash?
  5. I had this problem with new NXT2. Tried to go through hoop after hoop after hoop to connect to tech service. Never made it. Looks like only good support is going to be here in the forums. This did fix my problem. Thanks
  6. R.T.

    Cover Up

    sknis, Yes it is moving across the screen. Too bad, no good fix. Maybe next upgrade of Roxio. Just to mention, I think this version (pro 2011) is the best one yet. I like how it works. Thanks for your answer. R.T.
  7. R.T.

    Cover Up

    HI, I have been using Roxio for several years with my vacation movies to make DVD's. This is something I have never ran into. I have Creator 2011 Pro. A video file I have of a building has some "bad words" painted on the building. The video file scans past the building. Is there a way to blur out these words and have the blur cover the "bad words" while it scans past the building? Thanks. R.T.