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  1. runtime error programme...files(x86) roxiocreatornxt8\videoUIvideowave15.exe
  2. freddy61

    record screen

    i am recording screen but only audio id recording
  3. freddy61


    yes I could convert the file to iso
  4. freddy61


    I thought you could only use Roxio Creator2012 up to Vista Windows I never could use it with Windows 10 because the same reason when you got to the end of the slide show it would not let you burn the disc otherwise I would never have purchased NXT7. Just of to bed now midnight here in Birmingham UK but Thank You for trying to help me very much appreciated.
  5. freddy61


    Thank you for your help I have list below screen shots in order as I have finished the slide show the 3rd one being production1 in mpg file. Yesterday actually 1 did burn and then I started to have the errors but I did not do any thing different that's what is weird. I used to use Roxio Creator 2012 and it was brilliant and I have been using Roxio for years and this is the first time I have had so many problems.
  6. freddy61


    I have looked at the answers to this error and checked them out I am on windows 10, I am using nxt7, the slide show I am doing which was done in video wave with photographs and transitions and music then created a video in mpg which is only about 7 minutes long and it still come up as before.
  7. freddy61


    I have searched ever were for this code and I get close but not even Corel want to know. I am just trying to find out If someone has the same problem as it is very annoying going round and round I must have contacted Roxio and Corel and no one has been able to help me
  8. freddy61


    Has anyone come across an error code 2147500035 if so how to sort it out please Thanks
  9. freddy61

    slide show to dvd

    I have created a slide show with transitions and music in Video Wave saved it to my video folder as mpg file. how do i burn to dvd Please help i am going insane
  10. I have put photographs and videos on and before burning have reviewed the project which was perfect but after burning to disc and viewing on dvd player a lot of the photographs are not showing but the the audio is still playing . Anyone got any ideas i am useing windows 8
  11. I am running windows 7 home premium and have installed roxio creator 2012 but on the apply transitions the following do not show up SANDSTORM,BILLBOARD,RANDOM, PAGE TURNS,PARTICLES,3D or POT LUCK but they show up on my other computer useing windows xp. Can you explain please. Thanking You Fred Wallace
  12. On my screen the list goes down to Cuts and then nothing after that No random or Pot Luck I am working on windows 7 home premium and i have just taken roxio off and reinstalled and pot luck still not there@ Puzzled!!!
  13. why is there no random for transitions on roxio 2012 ?
  14. freddy61

    Creator 2012

    Of all roxio products i think this is the most rubbish i have used as there are so many erors Can anyone help me with the above error code Thanks
  15. freddy61

    Roxio Audio Capture

    i cannot find stero mix when i try to capture audio from internet radio?.