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    Problem Eliminating Gap Between Songs

    hey everyone, i just recently got toast titanium 10...i've been trying to burn cd's with absolutely no gap whatsoever in between tracks. i've tried selecting DAO and putting 0 second gap between each track but i still get a milli-second gap between every song. it's almost like a hiccup when it goes from one track to the next. i know for certain that toast 10 supposedly allows me to burn seamlessly, but i'm just having an issue with this, i'm trying to burn a mix cd. if anyone can help, it'd be greatly appreciated. thank you. Regards, Mike S
  2. raverhaze

    Problem Eliminating Gap Between Songs

    It is audible on the burned cd. It sounds like there a gap in between tracks of like a mill-second. Like a hiccup almost in the music. But it's a lot quicker than a normal gap... Question...is there a way I could load up the entire cd uncut and create tracks within toast 10?...if that's the case then I'll load up the entire 60 minute set then chop it up within toast...it might be easier
  3. raverhaze

    Problem Eliminating Gap Between Songs

    i understood what you said...but now i'm not so sure how to execute it. are you telling me i should open each track in a sound editor and trim the ends off each track?