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    Music Disk Creator Not Burning Disk

    Ok. Worth a try. I'll get back to you. Thank-you very much for being here for me.
  2. Railrodder

    Music Disk Creator Not Burning Disk

    I just burned a CD using 'Burn Audio CD's'. It worked fine. But you can't add transitions or tweak audio settings using that option (at least I haven't found those options in there). I attempted once again with 'Music Disc Creator' and it failed to complete the burn once again. Maybe a setting somewhere? I'm using Ridata CD-R discs. I have used Roxio 'Easy CD & DVD' in the past and it worked fine as well. So frustrating to have a feature that I can't use. I appreciate any help.
  3. Railrodder

    Nxt3 Music Disk Project Not Burning

  4. Railrodder

    Music Disk Creator Not Burning Disk

    Okay, lets try this again. I recently posted about a problem I was having with creating a 'mixed' CD using Music Disk Creator (NXT3). I can't seem to locate the original post, so am posting once again. After adding my selections and adjusting transitions, I then clicked 'Burn'. For some reason, the process only goes to "writing table of contents (2%). The disk keeps spinning, but goes no further than this. I noticed this did the same thing when I had Roxio Creator 2011 as well. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Railrodder

    Music Disk Creator Not Burning Disk

    Thanks. But what is a "screen cap"?
  6. I have been attempting to create a mixed CD. Using 'Music Disk Creator', I entered all my music choices, created the transitions and clicked on 'Burn'. The CD spins, but it only goes to 2% table writing. It does nothing more! What am I doing wrong?
  7. Railrodder

    Starting New Topic

    I am trying to find out a solution to a problem that I'm having with Roxio Creator 2011. How do you start a new discussion?
  8. After compiling my music list using Music Disc Creator (Creator 2011), it will not burn my disc. When I click 'Burn', it will write table going to 2% and then will go no further! I have ruined 6 or 7 CD's while retrying!This just started recently. It worked fine before. I have tried a Roxio repair and even re-installed the program. Still no luck. I have tried burning a video dvd with success! I have also burned a music CD using the program supplied with the computer with success. I'm using Win7. Help!
  9. Hi, I have been attempting to extract video from a disc to copy to another using 'Copy and Convert'. Everything goes fine until I click 'OK' at the point of copy to disc. I then get an error message "Unspecified Error [0x80004005]" and can go no further. What is this? Any suggestions? I'm using Roxio Creator 2011. Thank-you, André
  10. Railrodder

    Fade To Black

    Thanks guys for the tip! I'll work on it. The other problem was 'credits'. I guess it's the same thing. You have to manually set up for your credits. I'll try placing a coloured section at the beginning and end. Whew! No wonder they renamed it Roxio Creator. It's not really Roxio Easy Creator anymore! Have a great 2011!!
  11. Railrodder

    Fade To Black

    HI, I am new to this forum. I recently purchased roxio creator 2011. I do a lot of video and photography and have been using Windows Movie Maker. It's a great program and free! I wanted to upgrade to a product that would provide me with more and exciting options. So I chose Creator 2011. It's not an easy program to learn. My question today is, how do you 'fade to black'?? I can't seem to find the option in 'effects'. Fade to black(and white) is readily available in WMM! My only thought was to do what I can with Creator,and then move my production back to WMM to add fade to black. Any help would be appreciated. André (Railrodder)