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    video capture Vista 64 bit

    Thanks to both of you. I will give it a try.
  2. auburn32

    video capture Vista 64 bit

    Perhaps I failed to make my problem clear..... When I try to capture the video from a non copyright DVD, everything seems to be going fine until I click on the drive that contains the DVd. At that point a box opens and says the program has stopped working. This functioned worked before I had to format my hard drive. Other programs will do this task but I want to use Roxio. Thanks
  3. When I try to capture video from a non protected DVD I get a message saying that the program has encountered a problem and is closing. This program ran on this computer in it's present configuration before I had to format my hard drive. Any help is greatly appreciated. Bob
  4. Have a short video clip that I wouls like to record for playback in reverse. Is there away to do this? Thanks
  5. auburn32


    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  6. auburn32


    Created a video in EMC9 about 116 minutes long. Plays fine in EMC. Burn it to a DVD using MyDVD, with no menu. During play back of DVD on a DVD player there are a few freezes. Always at about the same place. Have created DVD successfully in the past. Thanks Bob
  7. auburn32

    Roxio and Nero

    Thank you!
  8. Installed a Memorex MRX-530L CD/DVD Recorder to replace old CD/DVD Recorder. When I started to install the Nero Software there was a warning to uninstall Roxio to avoid conflicts with the Nero Software. For obvious reasons this is not possible. Is there truly a problem?
  9. auburn32

    Using "Fit video to Audio"

    Doing a mixed photo and video on VW. Alternating the music on music track and Sound effect track. I wanted to use "Fix video to audio" function. This was was not available. Thanks
  10. auburn32

    Using "Fit video to Audio"

    Can you use this feature when you have some audio in the "Sound effect"track. I remember some =thing here showing files in the Sound effect track but can't find it now. Thanks in advance.
  11. auburn32

    If I download EMC10.....

    Good suggestion. Thank you.
  12. Do I have have the option to re download it should my computer crash? If so, for how long?
  13. auburn32

    Pan and Zoom edit problem

    Thank you. Works like a champ! Thank you.