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    Spin Doctor 1.0.1 On Mac Os10.8

    I am huge fan of the last version of the Roxio Spin Doctor product. So when I updated my computer and updated to the new Toast 11 & Spin Doctor X, I was mildly impressed with the facelift but I'm running into some issues. Am I missing something? - When I encode a record using my USB turntable it sounds great, looks great then when I import it to itunes it lops off the first 10 to 20 seconds... when I got back to the source its fine. I can save the source as an AIFF and import it in to iTunes manually and it sounds great so what gives am I doing something wrong? - Also there is a wicked delay now that I'm having to adjust for. From the time the sound passes from the stylus to when I hear it. At first I thought it was a system thing so I restarted the computer, ran the permissions and defraged the computer and still acts all funky. - None of the Filters are stored so I have to retweek each track Any insite to these issues would be awesome thanks
  2. theLibrarian

    Unable To Properly Load And Use Cd Spin Doctor

    After getting a support tech to run down the problem with me it seems that sure enough they are only supporting Toast 10 users and not the single side line products that they are now bundling with toast 10. Thus and update for toast cleared up the issue. But the Roxio's logic in not supporting Spin Doc as a stand alone throws me through a loop. Why? oh well thanks to the techs at roxio
  3. theLibrarian

    Unable To Properly Load And Use Cd Spin Doctor

    SCREW THE REFUND. I own Toast 10 and its giving me the same crap. Come on Roxio, I know working with apple is a bitch but they do provide you the specs on their new software 6 months before launching it and honestly you all have any ample time to create an update.Grumble.