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  1. I had a working NXT Pro 3 installed and decided to upgrade to NXT Pro 4. The installation completed without errors, uninstalling the previous version in the process. After restarting, I don't have "Edit Song Information" in the right click context menu that I previously had. I don't want to do an uninstall and reinstall because there are a limited number of activations. Any suggestions how to get that back? Edit Song Info.pdf
  2. I purchased Creator NXT Pro 3 and installed hoping that I wouldn't have any trouble with the context menu like I did with the previous version. After installing it I had the same problem, no "edit song information" in the right click context menu. So I turned off UAC, restarted the computer and checked again. Nothing in the context menu. Turned the UAC back on, restarted the computer and it appeared. I am convinced it has something to do with UAC. Anyway, I got it working without too much aggravation. I hope this helps someone looking for answers.
  3. Well, no I turned off the UAC, restarted and it does not disappear, this is so strange.
  4. I thought I would take the time to update this thread. I had it happen a couple of time since posting this and I spent some time tracking it down. I found that one of my programs, a surveillance client software, turned off my UAC. For some reason, it needed it off during installation. I turned it back to "Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer (default)" after the installation was finished and bingo the context menu entry was back. Not sure why the UAC effected it but there it is. Ü I hope this helps someone else with the same problem
  5. I did try to add it by editing the registry using the RxTagEdit.exe file but had an undesired effect. When executed, it opened up two windows. The "Roxio Edit Audio Tags" window and the second "Media Selector" so I need to select the file again. This is actually the second time this has happened after reinstalling Windows from scratch and then installing NXT 2. After a third time, it finally worked. I honestly don't know what I did differently.
  6. After installing Roxio NXT 2 on a newly installed Windows 8.1 X64 I don't see the "Edit Song Information" in the context menu when I right click on an .mp3 file. I have installed the same version on my previous computer and it was there. I have uninstalled NXT and reinstalled, I have also restored windows to a previous restore point before NXT was installed and it still did not work. Can anyone help me fix this?