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    Windows Restore Unable To Detect Image

    Hi Brendon, You are too right--I had erroneously labeled my Windows recovery disc as my Roxio BoT one and was able to quickly find the image I needed... that being said, it gave me a strange error that the image was too large for the volume (the exact one that I had backed up, and only 83 / 919GB) and so I had to trash the HP recovery partition in order to make ends meet. After that, I had to repair the start up, but then everything else seemed to be working. In any event, the restoration is complete and successful, and I'm grateful for your speedy reply. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, So, I just had my hard drive replaced on an HP Pavilion desktop, and am now trying to restore an image that I created (using BoT) prior to its repair. The only problem is that Windows restore has been unable to detect said image, despite my troubleshooting. I feel like I'm missing something simple here; when I attempted to simply use BoT's Disaster Recovery > Restore Drive option, selected the backup image, then the destination, all I got was a lousy pop up saying: "To perform a Disaster Recovery or restore a drive partition containing your Windows operating system, you must insert a recovery boot disc and restart your computer. Would you like to review an online Help topic on this subject?" As such, and as per the given instructions, here's what I tried: 1. Began by inserting recovery disc, which allowed me to select the restore using image option. 2. When I attempted to choose the image (on an external hard drive that was appearing amongst the detected drives), I received the error that windows could not find any image files. 3. Next, I tried plugging the external into different USB ports, adding its drivers (again, as it had been detected the first time), copying the image onto the C drive, and copying the image onto another external HD--none of which resulted in the image's detection. I'll note, the file is a .SIB Any advice apropos of the image's restoration would be most appreciated; I apologize if this is a common issue that I simply haven't noticed on the forums, but my position seemed to be unique. Thanks in advance!