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  1. Hi I'm using Roxio NXT Pro 5 Video Copy & Convert to take video files from .VOB files and want to convert them to WMV as a single/combined file. I'm sure I could do this in earlier versions but I can't see this option and what I'm getting is 8 single WMV files generated as a result of the Conversion process and not a single file ? Please help/advise. thanks Brian
  2. Many many thanks - applying this fix ie updating MSXML 4.0 from SP2 to SP3 in my Windows 7 OS using the link provided fixed these crashes/hangs/errors I was getting using Roxio Creator 2010 :- 1. "Unble to load Skin" when trying to use MyDVD or Videowave 2. No output file generated when using Video Convert (regardless of what output type selected) brilliant - can now use Roxio for what I intended !