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    Bsod Drvmcdb.sys

    I don't use the Sonic backup so removing it is a good option. What registry key do I need to delete?
  2. JOndrejik

    Bsod Drvmcdb.sys

    I'd prefer not to spend the $ for an upgrade. If I follow the instructions to disable DLA on startup will that make it so I can't burn CDs? Is there a way to start DLA after the system is up and DLA is needed for burning?
  3. I hope this is the correct forum. It is the only one named RecordNow so that is why I am posting here. I recentely had to rebuild my computer. Dell Dimension 9100, Win XP SP2. I have DVDit 6 and RecordNow Plus 7.3 installed. Since rebuilding and upgrading to IE 8 I get BSOD when I reboot. The error msg points to drvmcdb.sys. MS points to a Roxio page that has general info but no way to resolve this issue. I see some of the older forum posts an option to get a new installer but don't see any recent traffic. If I restart 2-3 times the system boots up and works fine. I just get a 2-3 BSOD before the system starts. This did not happen before I rebuilt this system. The only new thing that I can tell is IE8. How do I resolve this issue?