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    Install Movie On My Htc Evo

    Thanks for the replies guys, I would like to place Commercial DVD's (A-team, Step Brothers etc..) and my screen resolution is 480x800 pixels , physical screen size is 4.30 inches. The video playback format would be MPEG4, H.263, H.264. Here is a link to my phone specs here. My Phone Specs. Thank You,
  2. I have Roxio 2011 Pro and I just got an HTC Evo 4g for xmas. I am looking to put movies on my new phone and am needing some help with it. I see on the Roxio screen i have the capability to convert movies to the correct format on several different pre-set devices and the ability to transfer them over. I do not see my phone on the list nor do i see the correct resolution / screen size. Is there somewhere i can create my custom size or alter the size of another device somehow? Do you know if Roxio is supply updates to include devices like mine? If so when? I really don't want to purchase any other software as the roxio does everything else i need it for and it seems to have the ability to make this work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You....