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    Mkv And Subtitles

    I suppose that you are correct, technically speaking, it is not legal. I would however like to point out that the video's I am using have not been released in the USA yet. The people who are subtitling and releasing them are not selling them or doing it for pay, but as fans of the genre itself. There is no money being charged for the subtitled video's. When the Video's are released in the USA the fan subtitled ones are taken off of the websites where they had previously been posted, made available. No one is making any money doing this. No one is being hurt. I realize that there are exceptions to this but I do not use those sites. This being said I do not see any moral problem.
  2. Rugio53

    Mkv And Subtitles

    I have been downloading video's from the internet and making DVD's that I can watch on my DVD player on TV. Roxio2011 accepted mkv's to make a dvd. However when I went to preview the DVD just before writing the video to a dvd disk the subtitles were not there. The subtitles are there in the original mkv video but not when I went to preview the video. Is there something that I need to do to make the subtitles appear in the DVD. The reason I need the subtitles is that the original video,voice, is in japanese. I am grateful for any help.