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    Exported Audio Shorter Duration Than Native Audio

    Sknis I think there may be an issue with the avi file I'm working on. When I try to open the file in SoundSoap the following message appears 'failure on avi splitter pin enumeration'. I don't have another avi file on my computer at the moment so I tried opening an mp4 file. This loaded correctly and exported to a wave file with exactly the same duration as the native sound! I added it to the music track as you instructed and it aligned exactly with the native audio. I checked the properties of both the edited music track and the native audio and they had identical start, duration and end points. I can only think that the avi file I'm working on is corrupted in some way. I shall try re-capturing it and try again. Thanks very much for your help, which has saved me a lot of time. At least I know the software should work with good files! Thanks again Notsocheesedoff

    Exported Audio Shorter Duration Than Native Audio

    Thanks very much for this, Sknis. Very much appreciated!

    Exported Audio Shorter Duration Than Native Audio

    Thanks Sknis. SoundSoap isn't the problem because I get the same effect if I extract the audio and then add this audio to the music track without going through SoundSoap. My latest attempt showed only a minor difference in duration - 42.36.90 for the extracted audio, compared with 42.36.960 for the native. When I run both soundtracks together, this is enough to cause an 'echo effect'. I checked the sound at the start of the clip and at the end and I don't think the difference in audio is any greater at the end so you must be right about the starting point issue. But why should the duration of the extracted audio be any different from the native? I am new to the software and need to read up on it a bit more but the documentation that comes with Roxio isn't the best I've seen so this is quite difficult. I'll keep trying. Thanks for your help.

    Exported Audio Shorter Duration Than Native Audio

    Thanks for replying Jim. I'm extracting the audio in Media Manager to create a Wav file. I then open this in Soundsoap, use the noise filter and export to another WAV file. When I add this to the music track in VideoWave, the audio is shorter than the native audio. SounSoap isn't the problem because I've tried extracting the audio and then adding the extracted wav file immediately back to the Music track without using SoundSoap at all and still the audio is of a shorter length than the original. This results in a sound track that isn't synchronised with the original audio and therefore video.
  5. My goal is to extract the native audio from an AVI file, reduce the background noise in SoundSoap and then add the audio to the Music track in VideoWave. Muting the native audio should leave me with an edited audio track that is synchronised with the video content. However, when I add the edited wave file to the music track, it is of a shorter duration than the native audio and cannot be synchronised exactly with the video. I've tried extracting the audio then adding it to the music track without any editing in SoundSoap but I still get the same problem. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Cheesedoff