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  1. Thanks for the reply Mr. Sknis . . . and the tips. Here's what Roxio rep emailed me this morning: Creator 2011 plus is the same as the pro version. Here is some more information - http://www.roxio.com/eng/products/creator/pro/overview.html If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your web ticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive. Regards Fiona http://support.roxio.com Will get back on project tonight and let you know what happens. Again, thanks for your help! JB
  2. Thanks for the replies, guys! I guess I need to get Pro . . . purchased Creator Plus last night. Will get the ball rolling and let you know what transpires. Thanks again.
  3. Here's the sitch: - Nine "master" DVDs created from an event last weekend on a Sony DVD recorder - Right audio channel wasn't active (my bad) between switcher and DVD recorder, resulting in "half sound" - Need to make a crapload of DVD copies, but desire sound to be coming from both channels on copies (even if it ain't stereo) - Normally, I would simply finalize my masters and dupe them with my Primera So here's the question -- how / can I? - Get the Sony information into Creator - Get sound from left channel onto both channels - Create new "master" to use with Primera, or record my crapload of DVDs from Creator directly? - And . . . one more thing. There's a little "buzz" noise I'd like to try to remove on copies. Any way to do that as well? I plan on running out to Best Buy tonight to purchase copy of Creator (unless someone has better solution for my needs). Thanks in advance for any and all help!