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  1. tsantee, Right on and double thanks. I just now found the Toast Media Browser in the Window drop down. It just keeps getting better and easier. I appreciate your followup.
  2. Your answer was almost on target and it did help me. The key was your mention of "Media Browser". My process was to select (highlight) a "project" in iMovie and then go to Share>Media Browser>Publish. After it went though its machinations I was able to drag the resulting ".rcproject" files from my iMovie Projects folder (in Finder) into Toast Basic "DVD-Video" and burn onto a DVD. The resultant DVD was viewable on my computer AND on my TV DVD player. Bingo!! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond my call for help. I hope I can return the favor sometime. God bless.
  3. Using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, I copy VHS's to iMovie (through the Roxio hardware) which are stored as "EVENTS" with a ".mov" extension. These I can burn onto a DVD using the Toast 9 Basic Application. No problem. However, I want to create iMovie "PROJECTS" (by combining/editing one or more EVENTS) and burn it (the PROJECT) to a DVD using the same Toast 9 Basic Application that would hopefully transfer to the DVD all the edits (cuts, music, text, color adjustments, etc.). Is this possible with the Toast Basic? If not, will an upgraded Toast do the job? (Of course, I want the DVD to play on my table top DVD player) 2nd Question: What is the three letter file extension of a PROJECT? 3rd Question: If I burn a short Event/Project? to a DVD can I add (append) another Event/Project? to the same DVD or is it a one shot deal? Any information and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you. Chris