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    Mydvd Target File Greyed Out

    Should I uninstall Roxio, THEN do what it says to do in the article posted, then Re-install Roxio?, or just do what it says in the article and then just re-install Roxio. Thanks Nathan
  2. Butchiem1

    Mydvd Target File Greyed Out

    Now another problem, when I start Cineplayer, my computer just restarts, i only have 2GB installed on my computer and its running Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 (2.50 Ghz), could that be the problem? or should I just re-install the software. Please help me Nathan
  3. Butchiem1

    Mydvd Target File Greyed Out

    Sorry for Not understanding, does that mean there is no way to make an iso image of a large video (over 1 hour) that will fit on a regular DVD, without burning the DVD first and then making an iso from the DVD. Also, if you don't mind me asking off topic, I started playing my DVD and it the voice and video were off sync, is there anyway to fix that using roxio? Thanks in advance for your help Nathan
  4. Butchiem1

    Mydvd Target File Greyed Out

    I am not burning to DVD DL Disks, my video is about 1 hour 37 Minutes, but when I burned directly to DVD it uses "size to fit" and that works, but I would like to create an image file that can be used on a standard DVD+R disk, It does have a "target disk size" but it wont let me change the disk, it only says +DL and it is grayed out, how can I "UN-GRAY" it so I can change it (it does have an arrow next to it so it looks like it should be able to be changed) Nathan
  5. Butchiem1

    Mydvd Target File Greyed Out

    Hi, I am trying to save an iso image to my computer, and have doneso 3 time, but each time I try and create DVDs with these it says it will not fit (the iso is too large) when I went back into MyDVD and into the Burn Disk option, I saw next to "save as iso" there is an option for Target Media and it says +DL, the problem is, it is greyed out and can not be changed. Please help and tell me how I can change this Nathan