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    Roxio Backon Track

    Hi, i have a netbook. It came with Roxio Backon Track (version 2007). This program have created a state copy , in 19-01-2010. Now i am trying to recover the system, using this state copy but an error says: It´s not possible to start the service, because is disabled or doesn´t have devices associated to it. But i saw the service is enabled. What´s the problem? I am using windows xp Home edition(comes with netbook)sp3 32 bits What can i do? is there a way to save the state copy (19/01/2010) to another disk and install a new version of the software, an then recover te state copy with the new version? what extension the file has, what directory this is in? Please, can anybody help me?. Thanks I attach the image of the error. please help me Roxio Error.doc