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    Dvc 80 W/ Videowave 4.1

    thank you mr roxio rj
  2. Rick_James

    Dvc 80 W/ Videowave 4.1

    i guess you could say indirectly they did HP supplied me w/ an OS........Windows7 (home premium) X64 (security: 256 bits) here in southern illinois they would call that "good business" and it looks to me like dazzle and roxio has two roads they can follow the low road: following bill gates lead and milking the customer for every dime they have (easy for gates w/ his, sum what, monopoly of the OS system or the high road: dealing w/ the customer, knowing "the customer is "always right", making the customer happy, making the customer feel like they are "special" (good business, which makes for good word of mouth advertisement) if roxio and/or dazzle makes the effort to go above and beyond w/ me i would go above and beyond in my praise of such unfortunately for roxio & dazzle, they don't have the luxury of a monopoly like gates (lots of video capture devices and lots of software out there that's just as good) now lets do our math on that "give me free software" statement originally i gave $60.00 US for dazzle cable and software i can now purchase same for $29.95 US with out even considering the decrease in the value of the US dollar i've given roxio/dazzle the retail price of two units already in my first purchase and it's not like i'm asking for a new capture cable along w/ new software all i'm asking for is an upgrade for what i already purchased so the software i've already purchased will recognize the video capture cable that i've also purchased and both be recognized by win7 i'm not asking for improved software with more bells and whistles just something that will work.....kapeesh you wouldn't think that would be asking too much rj
  3. Rick_James

    Dvc 80 W/ Videowave 4.1

    the video wave software or the capture cable itself or both??????? if i could get the pc to recognize the cable.....i'd be happy especially since there's no physical damage to the cable & the fact i gave $60.00 US for the package, new and in the box some years back seems a shame to toss it in the junk box w/o any phyical damage just because dazzle and/or roxio cant's update me w/ drivers & software so much of a shame, that if this can't be resolved i'll never purchase another dazzle product or roxio (nor will i promote such) which is another real shame since i like the roxio sodtware but it seems it all boils down to a matter of principle thank you very much rj
  4. i'm using a hp notebook G71-34ous intel core 2 duo cpu t6600 @ 2.20GHz 4 gb of ram 64bit OS OS is windows 7 home premium i have a Dazzle DVC 80 capture cable w/ videowave v 4.1 software i've installed the videowave software videowave & notebook will not recognize the capture cable when plugged in i've checked device manager & dvc 80, is not listed nor do i have a conflict w/ any other hardware when i click on videowave, i get a pop up error that reads "runtime error 216 at 77B2DEA6" i click ok and videowave comes up only no capture because it doesn't "see" the hardware i'm thinking upgrade on drivers since i also have ulead vs 11 & corel vs 12 both of these will not recognize dvc 80 cable either any ideas????? rj