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  1. I installed Roxio Creator 2010. I wasn't thinking and didn't remove Creator 9 first .... I just figured it would remove what it didn't need update what it did. Now, it appears that I have both running on my system. Should I keep "9"? I do have files I made 9, but shouldn't 2010 open them? Can I un-install 9 without affecting 2010? Thanks!
  2. Catsnkites

    Change "printer" in Label Creator

    OK, it's not that the printers don't show my printer shows in the drop down list .... I want it to default to the printer rather than the lightscribe. I have to wait until it figures out there is no disc in the drive before I can select my printer.
  3. The last several times I've used Label Creator, I used the LightScribe feature of my DVD burner. (I also used Creator 9, now I have just installed Creator 2010 and never printed a label from 2010 until now) Now, I'd like to print an actual paper label. When I open the Label Creator, I can design my label just fine. When I choose "Print", the program thinks I'm going to use LightScribe and that's the pre-loaded printer. So, the program checks the drive for a disk .. which there isn't one. Meanwhile, I can't change the printer ... if I click on it too many times ... the program stops responding. If I let it be, Roxio figures out there is no disk and lets me change the printer and things work fine after that. Is there any way to convince it that I always want to print to the printer and I'll change it to LightScribe if I need to? BTW ... I have a new Epson Artisan 810, it will print to disk (which I'll probably never do due to the cost and my penchant for messing up the labels anyway) .... but my printer isn't listed ... should I just choose another Epson printer?
  4. Catsnkites

    Email Address

    Well, very odd! I clicked on the link the last post, and it worked just fine! I have no idea why it was redirecting earlier! Anyway, e-mail updated ... Thanks!
  5. Catsnkites

    Email Address

    OK, I click on the "My Controls" link athe top pf the page. This takes me to a page that says "Your Control Panel" (just like in the pic above) I click on the link that says "Change Email address" under "options" I am taken to a page that says "Change your registered email address" I enter my new address and then enter it again. I then enter my password. I get an error message saying: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you have entered an incorrect password. Please try again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know the password is correct since I logged on with it. Any ideas? Pop-up blocker is disabled and the link just takes me to the Roxio Home Page.
  6. Catsnkites

    Email Address

    I am having the same problem and the link above simply takes me to the Roxio homepage ... I've tried to open in a new window, new tab, cut and paste ... each time is re-directs to the homepage. I would also like to simply update my e-mail (will this also change the log in to the new e-mail or will I still have to use the old e-mail to log in?) Thanks! Susie
  7. Catsnkites

    I need to upgrade ... which version?

    No, I didn't mean the software had to "convert " to FF ... my technophobic husband has to "convert" to FF! Anything that is different on the computer freaks him out! I (and the computers) run FF just fine ... HE doesn't run it! We won't even get into Office 2003 vs. 2007! He heard the word "ribbon" and was done! Ah Hah! So, maybe, back when I was using EMC8 ... I got it in may head that I could not upgrade my IE and then just never have ..... Well, gee, (face-plant ) I could have saved myself a bunch of trouble this last year! I will upgrade to IE8 and see how things go! I really have no issue with EMC9 ... when it's working well! Thank you for all your input!
  8. This may sound silly, but which version should I buy? I currently have EMC9. At the moment, it's working fine except for one thing ... it's not compatible with IE7 ... That hasn't been a big deal for the last year or so, but now that Microsoft has released IE8, many websites no longer support IE6 and I'm running into troubles there ... now I KNOW I can switch to FireFox and for many things I have, but my husband must use IE at work and he doesn't "convert" well. So, I can buy Creator 2009 at BestBuy, in a box, today, for $100.00. I can buy Creator 2010 from Roxio for $80 after rebate ... either download today or get in a box in a week. My experience is that Roxio does everything I want, so I'm not interested in changing programs (to Nero, for ex.) HOWEVER Roxio can be very flaky, especially after Windows Updates. There is no other software on my machine that I have un-installed and re-installed as much as this! I have a list with the settings all saved .... disable Drag to Disk, stop this service, disable that service, turn off RoxWatch .... Has anyone used 2010 enough to see if it's a finicky as EMC9? Would I be better going with an established program like 2009? I mainly use Roxio to back up files, burn music CDs (and make labels for them), and edit/produce videos. I really like the ability to save a disk image (.iso) on the hard drive and make a new DVD when I need it (because someone else said they'd like a copy). I don't use Roxio for any photo processes other than adding slides to movies. I suppose that would be another question ... any projects that I've started are finished at this point, so I don't need that type of compatibility, but I would still like to be able to burn the .iso files I made with EMC9 ... I would like to know that Creator 2010 would be able to do that. Though I suppose I could burn master DVDs and just hang on to those. Does Roxio 2010 still have the ability to make the iso (or similar) files? Lots of questions, I hope someone can guide me! Thanks!
  9. Catsnkites

    hangs when saving

    Do you mean create a restore point? Or something else?
  10. Catsnkites

    hangs when saving

    YAY! It works now! Thank you Thank you Thank you! OK, so for my next trick ... um ... question .... Referring to my first post ... I downgraded from IE7 to IE6 due to Roxio issues. I have (obviously) EMC9 ... now that I've done a clean install, will it run with IE7 or 8?
  11. Catsnkites

    hangs when saving

    ****sigh**** OK ... I was really hoping to avoid this .... oh well ...why couldn't it have been "oh, yeah that happens, change this one setting" I really like Roxio .... it's just this kind of thing really annoys me to no end! I'll follow the directions, but I won't like it! Thanks!
  12. Catsnkites

    hangs when saving

    Nope, it doesn't save at all ... even if I pull up the most recent project and try to simply save it ... program hangs. If I start a new project ... hangs on save. I think it's a result of the most recent Windows update, though I can't image why! Except Windows and Roxio don't seem to play well together! And yes, the captured video plays fine on it's own. Opinions on the latest and greatest (Roxio 2009)? How does it work right out the box? I remember jumping through all kinds of hoops to optimize EMC 9. Susie
  13. Catsnkites

    hangs when saving

    On July 4th, I created a DVD using VideoWave and MyDVD. Both programs worked just fine. I burned several copies of my dvd and all was good. Now I want to make another DVD. I imported my video with no problems. I opened VideoWave and got started. After about 15 minutes of work, I decided to save the file. The program went into a coma and the only way to get out was ctrl-alt-delete/end task. I tried again; I restarted the computer and tried again; I shut down the computer and tried again ... same result each time. I tried restoring to an earlier point, but the restore program would not let me restore past a Windows update (don't know why ...) I assume something in the windows update is causing my problem. It wasn't anything big ... update Silverlight, monthly security updates and such. I am running IE6 since I know IE7 and EMC9 do not play well together. There have been no other changes to my computer ... no new software, hardware, nothing. Any ideas? On another note, is Roxio Creator 2009 compatible with IE7 (and now IE8)? Does it exhibit the same in-stability the earlier versions seem to have? (drag to disk never worked right; everytime Windows is updated, Roxio gets upset, etc.) Thanks! Susie in Kansas Edited to add ... the specs in my sig line are incorrect ... that machine is in pieces on my bench. New machine is Intel Core2 Duo, 2.4 GHz; 3GB RAM; 500GB HDD; generic CD-DVD ROM; Samsung WriteMaster SH-S203n DVD writer; Windows XP Pro, SP2
  14. Catsnkites

    Ie7 And New Dvd Burner

    I know, I know, I'm not supposed to ask two questions, but I think these are easy! When IE7 first came out, there were known conflicts (at least to the EMC users) between it and EMC9. Now that they have both been out awhile, is it safe to install IE&? I tried to search the forums, but I got no hits on "IE7" ... which is weird .... and about 10000 on "explorer" ... which is too many to dig through! On another note. I haven't actually used EMC9 in a while because I killed my DVD burner. I thought I was updating the driver and really I was updating the firmware and it shot craps and can not be recovered. So, I did have a Samsung, which I liked (until I killed it). It was a gift, so I had no choice. Now I get a choice , and have to spend my own hard earned cash (or at least my husbands!) I don't need LightScribe. What do folks recommend? Thank you! Susie in Kansas
  15. Catsnkites

    Alternative to Plug & Burn?

    OK, I admit my processor speed is a bit slow ...but it works! I did get a new laptop with a much faster processor... but I haven't put EMC9 on it yet. I thought capturing as an mpg produced a lower quality product. It sounds like there really isn't a quick way to get the tape to DVD while still preserving the quality of the video...