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  1. bsk

    DVD won’t burn

    Thats definately a possibility. Thanks. I'll check them out. I got them at best buy and they were the only ones they had. Thanks for the quick response.
  2. bsk

    DVD won’t burn

    Had a second question...is there a DVD that will record longer than 120 minutes? I know about the DVD+R DL but my player wont play that type. It just says bad disk.
  3. bsk

    DVD won’t burn

    I did defrag like you suggested. Then rebooted. Unplugged my DVD burner then back in. It finally worked. Thank you.
  4. I’m using Windows 10. Roxio Creator 2011, LG Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer. I’ve got it built and now have it in MyDVD. When I try to burn I get an error code 8004520c. It won’t save to an iso file because it won’t go to burn. I just used this in February and it worked perfectly. Help!
  5. Thank you both. I'll look at the aspect ratio handling first and see if it will be what we'll need before I rebuild the whole project.
  6. I built my production in the normal setting. I also want to burn to DVD in a widescreen mode. Can I just edit my original project to a widescreen mode or do I have to rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up?
  7. bsk

    Edit Simple Dvd's

    I feel your pain. I've been working on a production for my Dad with some family pictures and clips out of old home movies. I had no idea how involved this would be. I started it the first of December and just finished it tonight. It has just been a lot of trial and error because the tutorials are very lacking in step by step info. I still have a lot of questions that are not addressed in the help section but got it finished in spite of the poor help section.