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    Losing Audio From Hd Movie Made With Canon 60D.

    Hallo In the beginning of january 2012 I reported to Roxio support about problem with .MOV files from my new digital camera Canon IXUS 1100 HS. When i use Roxio 2012 PRO "Edith video advance" or Roxio "Copy and convert Video" the sounds disappears after about 2/3 of the movie. If the .MOV film is for example 15 seconds. After conversion with Roxio software the sounds disappears after abot 10 seconds and the movie continues to the end without any sound. If I convert a .MOV files which is 180 seconds the sound disappears after about 120 seconds. First Roxio 1:st line support suggested that I hade problem with my own computer. But I didn´t have any problem with converting .MOV files with free conversion programs like for example Any Video Converter. Roxio got in january a Canon .MOV files from me. In the beginning of februari Roxio support admitted what Roxio 2012 software have a problem with Canon .MOV files. I am still waiting to hear from Roxio support when Roxio will have a fix for the Canon .MOV files. Have anyone heard when we users will get a fix from Roxio.
  2. I Installed Roxio Easy Media creator 8 on a Windows 7 Proffesional PC running Windows virtual PC. Installation works fine but I get No drive is detected . The virtual PC sees the CD/DVD drive. Is there any fix to Roxio 8 installation to solve the problem ? /GitsNys