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    2011 Videowave Aspect Ratio

    The first is 4:3 production with a widescreen clip. The second is 16:9 production with same widescreen clip.The camera is Sony DVD Handycam.When I add the same clip to a new widescreen production on my old PC and Creator 9, it fills the 16:9 screen [no bars] and no distortion.My old PC is much to slow and can't handle the size of files I'm working with.
  2. Jim & Cindy

    2011 Videowave Aspect Ratio

    Sorry, but you'll have to tell me how to capture the screen image first. Not so techy.Sorry
  3. Jim & Cindy

    2011 Videowave Aspect Ratio

    I do set the new production setting at 16:9. When a clip is added to the story line , I right click on the clip and the option "aspect ratio" is there-niether setting changes the view. The clips are all from a Sony mini disc Camera. I have 2009 version of Creator on my old PC, when I add the very same clips to the 2009 videowave, they appear in proper perspective. Don't know what else to try?
  4. Jim & Cindy

    2011 Videowave Aspect Ratio

    I just upgraded to Windows 7 and Creator Pro 2011. When I add my 16:9 video clips to video wave editing it compresses the clip with bars at top and bottom. I set the production settings to widescreen and have adjusted the aspect ratio by right clicking on clip. Cannot figure why the perspective is off no matter what I adjust. Help Please!