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  1. Brendon. that's exactly what I'm going to do Thanks
  2. Just got final answer from Roxio support team! Wow! "Considering the extensive, unsuccessful trouble shooting attempts of your problem we are unable to offer you any further solutions for your issue and will have to discontinue any further support. We have therefore created an exceptional refund for your order ..." Roxio support guys should definitely use Roxio community forum for answers!
  3. Thanks. I've already figured that out myself. BTW Roxio support is useless! They twice posted me instructions how to create recovery disc! Not a word about my real "problem"!
  4. Brendon Here is what my creator about shows I'm agree with you on dirty work completely! And I'm still working with Roxio support on that. Will post result! Thanks, guys, for you help!
  5. It must be difference between standard and Pro version of Creator
  6. Jim Thanks for you help and ideas! Here is what I got. After that just contents selection! No Recovery disc pop up. I'm trying to contact Roxio support but it seems they do not know too ... BTW do you have regular or Pro version of Creator?
  7. Nope, it did not! It goes directly to contents selection. That is puzzle for me! And I tried that on two different computers I have. The same result. Both have windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Installation are default. I tried on Creator without Update and with. It did not work. I do not have any idea why!
  8. Strange but I did not have such pop up! Will try again. May be need to reinstall it. Thanks for you help!
  9. Brendon, Thanks for you reply. I did 'One-Click Backup' -> Entire Computer I did backup to USB Hard Drive. BoT did not suggest me to make Recovery Disc. It went directly to creating my discs images on USB drive. I tried to do 'Advanced Backup' -> 'Disk or Partition' -> 'Entire Computer' The same result. Might be BoT version in Creator 2011 are different from BoT Suite? I can provide screen shots
  10. Hi, I have Creator 2011 and would like to make backup of entire computer. I did that but BoT did not make recovery disc and I could not found the way how to make it. Without recovery disc entire computer backup is useless. Or Not? So, how I create recovery disc with BcakOnTrack from Creator 2011? Thanks