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    Thanks for your help. This should get me going in the right direction.
  2. Sand-dog


    Thanks, that worked. I tried the AVS. But the Any Video Converter fit me better. I do have a question. I set it to mpeg-II movie and set the frame rate to 1920x1080 (want HD) since I converted an MOV file. Do I need to make any other changes in the video or audio options? The mpeg_II movie does not appear to be as good a quality as the MOV file.
  3. Sand-dog


    Roxio Pro 2011. I have had this problem since day one (over a year ago). Support has not been able to provide me with a solution. Some of the replies I have received from support....makes me wonder???? The Problem and I've used the best English I know to communicate the issue with Roxio Pro 2011: When I open a MOV clip in VideoWave and it goes into the story line and play it... the audio is garbled. Under the Production tab the Fit Video and Audio tab is greyed out. I seriously beleive that Roxio Pro 2011 cannot handle the MOV clip in VideoWave. Does anyone have a fix for this problem.
  4. Sand-dog

    Converting Video File

    Situation: My camera gives me a .mov file extention. Roxie can not read it. I used mp4 (on a whelm) and it compressed my .mov file about 50%. Question: What video file can I use that will give me the least compression after the .mov file is converted to it? I can then use that extention to make my movie and convert it to AVCHD. __________________________ NOTE: I am curious as to how Hollywood can put a movie on a DVD and have excellent quality? Can someone point me in that direction.
  5. Sand-dog

    High Definition

    Thanks for your help. I'm learning...
  6. Sand-dog

    High Definition

    Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.
  7. Sand-dog

    High Definition

    Situation: Just getting started with Roxie 2011 Pro and making video. ------ Made movie with .MOV extention, about 14 GB (45 minutes). Converted to mp4, about 7 GB. Made movie using .mp4,output to regular DVD was about 3.2 GB and movie looked ugh! Very disappointed. It seems to me Roxie 2011 Pro puts the movie on one disk and not concerned with quality output. I searched and searched for a way to do a 1920 x 1080, but couild not find a way. My goal: Make HD movies and output to regular DVD, reguardless of how many regular DVDs it takes. Looking for quality. If I can put a movie on a regular DVD, I can put it on a DVD 9 or Blue Ray disk. My question: Can I tell Roxie 2011 Pro that I want to use 1290 x 1080 for a HD movies and put it on a regular DVD?? I found Windows MovieMaker can do HD, but is quite limited on editing.
  8. Sand-dog

    High Definition

    Situation: Made HD video, with .MOV extention @ 14 GB (45 minutes). Converted to mp4 @ 7GB. Useing Roxie 20011 pro, made movie with mp4 extention. Was disapointed when completed. Movie was compressed to around 3.2 GB and looked horrible! (Let it take whatever the number of DVD's. I'm looking for a quality video.) My limited knowledge (and I'm just getting into Roxie and video)it seems like I cannot pick 1029 x 1080 for output. It seems like Roxie wants to compress the movie to one disk, reguardless of the video size size. Here's my goal: I want to make a HD video and use regular DVDs (4.7 GB). Is there a way to do it???
  9. Sand-dog

    Back On Track

    Just installed the 2011 Pro download. Everything seems to load with the exception of Back on Track. I get an error message: "Back on track service cannot run. May be Back on Track is not installed properly". I don't know what to do. All I did was follow click on the exe files. Can anyone help?