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    Toast 9 Compressing .mov File Way Too Much; Help

    hi: 1. thanks for the last post. via your observations, i didn't realize that i was creating a HD file... which is strange because within fotomagico, it's been set up to create a nonHD file (i just emailed fotomagico support in regards to this). i'm now assuming that since my toast 9 isn't set up to do HD burning that the current HD file isn't recognized properly and thus being compressed from 9 gigs to 588 mb? 2. thus the my tangential question is: what kind of toast product (along with plug ins) do i need inorder to properly burn a HD movie file? associated question: will this resultant DVD (i'm assuming by definition on a bluray disc) look "good" (how will it compare to the slide show via my cpu monitor... which basically looks excellent)? the final associated question is: how does it all work in regards to burning a HD movie to a regular DVD? what are the quality results of doing this vs just burning a non HD movie to a regular DVD? thanks for all the help. harry
  2. minorushin

    Toast 9 Compressing .mov File Way Too Much; Help

    hi: 1. in regards to your question, i loaded the .mov file and the data described was as follows: apple intermediate codec, 1440 x 960, 59.94 fps, audio: MPEG-4, stereo 44100 Hz. the length of the slideshow is 9 min 2. hope this helps with figuring out what is going on. 3. again, what is strange is that the actual .mov file is 9 gigs, but when i put it in toast, it shows up at 588 mb. one thought that just came to mind is that although i set up the preferences for the .mov to be rendered at "regular" resolution, was this .mov created at HD settings? 4. anyway, hopefully someone can help. thanks. harry
  3. hi: 1. i have toast 9 and recently created a .mov file via fotomagico (ie slideshow program). anyway, the actual .mov file size is 9 gigs. but when i drag that .mov file to toast 9: video: DVD-video--> toast either compresses it or thinks that it's only... 588 MB. obviously, the resulting quality of the DVD is terrible. 2. any thoughts much appreciated.