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    "0x0ed3435" Etc...

    Do you have Napster installed?
  2. alexatrox

    Adding .srt Files To Dvd

    If you are creating a DVD-Video, you do not have to add the .srt file. You just want to make sure they are saved in the same folder on your hard drive.
  3. alexatrox

    Installing Toast Titanium 9

    During the installation, make sure you are dragging the Toast 9 Folder to your Applications and not the icon on your desktop.
  4. alexatrox

    Why Upgrade To Toast 9?

    Toast 9 Feature Comparison
  5. alexatrox

    Toast License Number

    Trash /User/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist and /User/Library/Preferences/Roxio Toast Prefs
  6. alexatrox

    -5001 since Leopard

    Try using a different file to see if you are still getting the same error. Also try slower burn speed and different brand of media.
  7. alexatrox

    Updates for Leopard?

    What issue are you having with Toast 8?
  8. Yes. You can use the Multi-Photo Enhance option (EMC 10 Menu -> Photo -> Multi-Photo Enhance) to resize, convert, fix, rename, etc. It also support batch conversions.
  9. alexatrox

    speeding up or slowing down video using EMC 10

    How to create slow and fast motion effect in VideoWave.
  10. Here's a KB article for the issue: “NTLDR is missing” at startup
  11. alexatrox

    Filenames for converted videos?

    Older PSP firmware require video filename to be in that format.
  12. alexatrox


    RMVB/RM format is not supported.
  13. alexatrox

    read error

    You are getting the error because your drive is having issues reading the disc. Try copying the Video_TS folder to your hard drive first, then select the copied folder to import.
  14. alexatrox

    CD Spin Doctor Crashing

    1. Set your Audio Output to 44100Hz, 2 Channel 16-bit 2. Try moving the files that reside in the audio plug-ins folder to another location on your hard drive: //Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ (~ = user folder)
  15. alexatrox

    burning issue/error - 34

    Check to make sure you have enough hard disk space before burning.