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    FRom what I've read of Ghost you're better off with V8 or 9 than the latest version. Bet you had to go out and buy a USB floppy drive to use that DOS 3.5 tho'. I know I had to do so when recovering using the XP install CD 'cause that was the only way to get the Dell RAID drivers into the Win XP install, no other option was provided, just a floppy! I still have an IBM mainframe DOS boot card deck among memorabilia from 35 years in IT. I do not (sob) have a jump wire from when I set up old unit record print machines tho'. That WOULD date me. Thanks again and best regards.
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    Is Bot Any Good?

    Brendon: Thanks for the info and the rapid response. From my research to date, few drive image programs will allow recovery to a different size partition (I think Acronis True Image will allow recovery to a larger partition). Sounds like BOT may be a viable one source backup program for me. At least it's 1 program to keep track of instead of 2 and the doc is in pseudo english (includes tech-speak). Regards.
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    Is Bot Any Good?

    Hi all Probably a strange place to ask this qx, but why not? I'm in the market for new BU software. I currently use Retrospect (V 6.5) for my data BU and Paragon for system images. Why 2? I like Retrospect's scheduling and the ease of recovering files when needed. I learned (from a DIMM failure that clobbered XP) that recovering the OS from the Retrospect BU is not possible (stupid me, should have known!). Anyway, after that incident (and rebuilding the whole OS via a reinstall of XP) I added Paragon to create true disc images of the OS. I'd like to get back to one BU program, don't like Paragon's interface or manual (German translated to English, and not very well. I could read the German manual, but that would be SLOW going for me), but I do trust it to recover the OS as I've tested it by doing so to bare metal. Individual file recovery is laborious. Has anyone tested BOT by recovering to bare metal? How about a new drive of different size? Does the recovery boot CD/DVD work every time, even if you've mod'ed the system since creating it (new apps, drivers, etc)? Any particular problems to look out for? I can't find any reputable reviews of BOT, so thought I'd ask the user community. I run a Dell Dimension with XP SP3, 2 internal SATA drives, 2 USB drives (where I keep my BUs) and am semi-competent (technically anyway). Regards.