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    tsantee: thanks for all your help. that didn't get me there either.... i tried checking the "deinterlace source video" box in the quicktime export as well. i'm totally at a loss here....
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    That actually made it worse....
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    Viewing on dvd player on a tv. Did multiple tests - saving original .mov differently - all with same fuzzy result: Original file: Video: NMS Media Handler, 1440 x 870, 30fps Audio: None Test 1: Video: H.264, 1440 x 870, 30fps Audio: None Test 2: Video: RGB, 1440 x 878, 30fps Audio: None Test 3: Video: MPEG-4, 1440 x 878, 30fps Audio: None Test 4: Video: Photo-JPEG, 1440 x 878, 30fps Audio: None
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    Hi! I am experiencing some problems on a burned dvd using toast 10. Here are the details, any help would be appreciated! Mac OS 10.6.6 : I have a power point slide show. Using the best export settings, I export the power point as a .mov. When I play the file in quicktime player (7 and 10) it is perfect. Title cards are clear. Text in photos are clear as a bell. Than import the .mov to toast 10. Burn using custom, best setting. And also using default settings. No matter what I select the text on the title slides and the photos come out fuzzy and pixelated. Since it is fine as a quicktime movie, I assume the problem is with toast. I've tried using iDVD and DVD Studio Pro and various other power point to dvd/movie conversion software and I have the same problem. So maybe the problem is with the exported quicktime file even though it looks great in quicktime player?