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  1. Thanks, Jim. Although Creator 2009 has always provided all the facilities I needed, if all my existing project files can't be accessed in a newer version of Roxio Creator I see no reason to stay with Roxio. Their customer support seems to be so poor that I wouldn't trust buying another product from them. It is only the efforts of you and all the other contributors that have filled the gap resulting from the lack of any appropriate support from Roxio.
  2. Editting with Creator 2009 on a machine running Windows Vista has become too slow following upgrade of my camera to HD. A new faster machine running Windows 7 seemed to be the solution. (Windows 8 seems to be getting a bad reputation; having been stuck with Vista I don't feel like spending more money on another poor O.S.) Despite reading all the discussion boards I can't get clear in my mind whether Creator 2009 will run under W7 or not. Microsoft say it is compatible and many contributors to this site say it is not. Perhaps I'll go with Creator NXT (or Creator 2012 as there are several negative comments about NXT) however I have been unable to find out whether project files created in Creator2009 will be usable in NXT or Creator 2012. Being stuck with a half completed project started in Creator2009 this is rather a significant point. Can anybody confirm whether projects from earlier versions are usable in later versions?
  3. Tinkerman

    No Sound On Burned Dvd

    Apologies if the answer is 'buried' elsewhere on the forum: I have seen one or two references to this topic but no solutions. Attempting to burn some home movie material from VOB files they preview correctly in MyDVD with sound but if saved as an ISO file (or burned directly to DVD)there is no sound. (The menu sound is fine). Using the same source material but first created as a Videowave project does burn sound but this route then generates visible degradation due to the decoding and recoding that presumably takes place. Any suggestion would be welcome. With thanks