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    Can't Upload Completed Photoshow

    1. Photoshow advertizes 24 hour help so I had to use it when I have time. Roxio help hours are shorter and I can't always get to them when they are but I will try them. Whie i wait for their hour of help I am down. 5. Yes i checked the spam folder. 6. I went over the browser set up with the help service and yes it's the latest as he recomended. 4. I am using two computers side by side and the old XP machine (which is going away) was uplaoding fine hense the ISP service is not the problem. 7. Sorry, the guy i talked to represented himself as an employee of Roxio. My frustration with his communication skills and technical ability coupled with my inability to use a brand new software with a brand new computer was not meant for persons helping with this forum. I appreciate your assistance and thank you for answering! Added to my concern is the trouble I will have getting a refund should this program be useless to me on my new computer. Not your issue again. Sorry i came across tersely. I will save any proposed remedial action discussions with bonified Roxio associates and those whom claim to represent them. Thansks again. I did update software with the phone representitive and i will try on line building next.
  2. Spoon

    Won't Load Avi Video

    I used a small 5 mb AVI. I have the premium service. How many kinds of AVI are there? Since this post I tried a small MPEG2 and a small WMV on two different computers and they won't load either. Didn't try MOV yet. besides the software claims to work with AVI MPEG2 and WMV?? This computer is a win 7 I7 intel machine brand new and the other is an XP machine. neither works.
  3. Running Windows 7, new computor, I7 intel machine: When uploading I get the same error message: "Failed to upload error 403 please try again" and again and again and again! I tried uploading on my old XP machine and it went through but I must be able to use this software on the new computor as the old computer is going away! I spent over an hour with a heavily accented man who had me reconfigure my explorer settings and several other changes on this brand new computer and after an hour of his searching data bases for clues and trying everything he suddenly could not hear me on the phone and had to go! I was supposed to get an email for feedback on my experience but it never showed up! Too bad there are problems as I like what it does when it works as advertized. Unfortunately I will be taking measures to recover my two year subscription if this can not be resolved soon. Right now I like the capabilities of the software BUT should this not be fixable I will unfortuanately have to release a negative review that will certainely inhibit sales. An hour of my time costs more then the two years of service! Hense I can't afford several hundered dollars of my time reconfiguring my brand new state of the art computer any further to accomodate software bugs. I can not be the only one this has happened to so lets cut to the chase! What should I do?
  4. Spoon

    Won't Load Avi Video

    Running wondows 7 brand new computer I7 intel: I can't get a video to upload. Error message "The following items could not be added to your photoshow" Test.avi