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    That is very strange. Rather negates the value of Chapters.
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    Cannot find a way to rename chapters from an imported iMovie file. They come in a Chapter 0, Chapter 1, etc. When I click, nothing happens. Support has nothing, either. Help, please. Lee
  3. lstump

    Audio Capture From Internet With Cd Spin Doctor

    I did use this. For the moment, it seems to be working. Thank you.
  4. lstump

    Audio Capture From Internet With Cd Spin Doctor

    Thanks. I gave that a whirl and am recording as I type. We'll see if this work.
  5. lstump

    Audio Capture From Internet With Cd Spin Doctor

    Yes, I agree that Roxio is not very good on the support front! Here is one of their responses! "After reviewing your case notes, I understand that you're still experiencing issues capturing web audio using Toast 10. I will provide you the required information. Lee, To capture web audio i request you to refer the link given below: http://img.roxio.com/enu/flash/toast10/index.html Note: Please click on the Listen tab. or you can refer the user guide for CD Spin Doctor 6 using the link given below: http://images.roxio.com/support/CDSpinDoctorHelp_English.pdf"
  6. I have installed the Audio Capture Support several times, but the choice of CDSD System Audio Capture is there for a moment, then it disappears. I am getting an error that says, "Unable To Record (see Help for possible solutions)." Of course, Help has nothing to say about this. I am on a Mac with the latest OS X. Anyone else have the same problem?