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    Unable To Open Jpg Files And Roxio Software

    For future reference and to those who were kind enough to assist I am providing a final update on my situation. Nothing worked. Three attempts and 6 hours of my time to get every bit of Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 off my PC so that it could be reloaded and regardless of how deeply I searched for traces of it (this after following all the process suggested), and deleting everything titled Roxio or Sonic there were still remnants embedded in files that could not be uncovered and still denied my ability to reinstall the software. I still kept getting annoying runtime and registry error messages every time I booted. My solution which finally seems to have solved this ridiculous software failure is to have a good IT expert take care of it for me. Even he had problems with it and ran into the same difficulties I had but after 2 1/2 hrs found all of the remaining traces (something like 72 of them embedded throughout the hard drive and folders after doing the aforesaid program deletions etc) It is incredible to think how one simple piece of off-the-shelf software can cause so much chaos when the registry becomes compromised for unknown reasons. My IT guy then was finally able to upload a new Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, (attempting to load it with hopes of overwriting Roxio 9 were futile) and after considerable effort and expense my PC is finally fully operational. So again I thank those who tried to help but just be aware this was much more complex of a situation than originally thought. Hopefully nobody else runs into it.
  2. Blues_Pirate

    Unable To Open Jpg Files And Roxio Software

    Well guys I would love to say That the process was a booming success but unfortunately I would be lying. I followed the instructions to a T. After I reinstalled Roxio in what seemed to be a successful state the program froze when I attempted to open it. Instead I got the following runtime error messages: Program:....Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\Rox Watch Tray9.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way and also Program:....Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\SharedCOM\RoxLive Share9.exe I keep getting pop up Interactive service messages stating the same two errors. I also receive a pop up stating "RoxMMTray App Module has stopped working...Windows is closing the program". These three pop ups happen each time I reboot. So I uninstalled it all a second time and then reloaded the software. I made absolutely sure I followed the guidelines for the complete uninstall (again). The exact same thing happened the second time including the error pop ups each time I reboot. This is crazy making. By the way I did as suggested beforehand about zipping the photos into archives. As it stands now I can access the photos using Windows apps. Any more suggestions? One more thing, what am I supposed to do with the exported registry that I backed up? No where in the instructions provided by grandpabruce did it state that the registry was to be imported again. If I am to import it how is that done? By the way my operating system is Vista.
  3. Blues_Pirate

    Unable To Open Jpg Files And Roxio Software

    Thanks for the input myguggi, I know I know, call me stupid but no I did not back the originals up anywhere other than load most of them onto discs. So at least I have that option to view them once Roxio has been restored. Many of them where overwritten by Roxio because I like to edit them a little. The photos on my PC are not stored in a Roxio folder, they are in standard folders by category in My Documents, yet they are showing up in the Search for Roxio. So who knows what will happen. I may loose many but not all from My Documents is what I am thinking. At this point I guess I have no choice but to give it a shot. This is so crazy it's actually quite funny now.
  4. Blues_Pirate

    Unable To Open Jpg Files And Roxio Software

    Thank you grandpabruce. Before I give this a shot will my existing jpg photos be deleted when I run this process? As I mentioned earlier it appears that Roxio has left traces imbedded in the files. I discovered this when I did a Start - Search for Roxio and all the photos were in the resulting display along with the actual program folders. Also when I was attempting to uninstall the Roxio program it was being shown as almost 500 meg in size which I believe indicates the photos. I just want to be sure that I won't loose my work.
  5. I have a store purchased original software disc of Easy Media Creator 9 that I purchased 2 years ago and have been using since then. Two days ago I attempted to open a jpg photo. This is the pop-up message I get whenever I attempt to open any existing jpg photo in My Documents as well as when I attempt to open my shortcut on the desktop to the actual Roxio program. Image File "file::C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\9.0\Common Resources\Shared\Generic\Images\About_Main_Background.png" cannot be loaded I have no idea what the timing is of when the program became corrupt because I have not worked with my photos for several weeks. I have since attempted to reload the original disc and am getting error code 0643. I have reviewed this code on google but have not attempted any suggested methods to deal with it because I am not confident that they are the right things to do nor trust the source of the downloadable tool. I cannot install any online updates either. And finally last night I decided to uninstall Roxio then try to reinstall it using Windows. The program will not uninstall after three attempts so my hands are tied to proceed any further. As it turns out it is a good thing it did not uninstall because Roxio has left trace signatures on all the jpg files so they would have been permanently lost. 1) Does anyone have a solution? 2) If I purchase the 2011 version will it successfully over write the existing issue when installed? 3) What support is provided by Roxio for the 2011 version?