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  1. The format is jpeg. Want to play on stand alone dvd player. My pc will not play a standard dvd, (it used to before I upgraded to Win8) Any type of disc I insert into the pc, messes it up, I get a message microsoft will try to repair it, (no results), & it takes me many tries to try & sign on again, to the point where I have to choose an earlier restore point to get it to work again. From what I am learning, there is no such device to transfer data from pc to a stand alone dvd recorder.
  2. The slideshow was created on Roxio Creator 7, videowave, I cannot copy it to the dvd in the pc, as it will only play audio, or start playing video, & cut out. I figure the external dvd recorder would be a safe bet, as it has never had any glitches, & will play in any machine.
  3. I have usb out on pc to the rca cords input to the dvd recorder, what icon do I start with to copy it? Would it be plug & burn?
  4. I managed to create & email a slideshow with the 7, but looks like the copy function to dvd would glitch, ordered a video capture adapter to go another way from pc to recorder, & will see if that works
  5. working correctly, windows will close the program & notify you if solution is available. This is the error I keep getting when I try to burn a dvd on Creator 7, I dont know the version, not printed on the jacket. I have Win. 8.1.
  6. beached

    Cannot Email Photos/ Email Icon Shadowed Out

    Photosuite 4, which is by today standards, old & outdated, no one has heard of pzs files. so looks like it was a poor engineering design on Roxios part, the manual said there was a box to check for converting to jpeg, but is missing, & when you go to email a slideshow, the transitions are deleted which makes the programs useless to even new users when it was launched. Am guessing it is at least 8-10 years old. Too bad, the newer software I am shopping around for, to start from scratch, do not offer what this did, color background, added audio. Am going to look into the Creator NXT2, but so far the sales phone support say to ask on the website, the website gives out a link that goes back to phone support. May have to contact someone who has actually used it & ask them.
  7. Will it convert a file (pzs) over to a sendable format I made on Roxio Photosuite? Or would I have to start from scratch all over, & build it on Creator?
  8. thankyou but that is a third party program full of pop ups & malware, not genuine MGI software.
  9. I tried sending slide show by asf. (23.8MB) & exe., however it wont send. I can send it by the original format, pzs., but the receipient cannot download it on their pc. I hit an icon once around send email, & it said it would downsize it to a 10, & send, cannot remember where that was, & cannot find it, anyone have an idea what icon that would be under?
  10. beached

    Easy Way To Send Slideshow From Photosuite 4?

    Aol & Internet explorer could not handle sending a slideshow, so I signed up for Flickr, but had to install Firefox after that to enable it, now there is no link there to send email or support. Theres got to be a more uncomplicated way.
  11. beached

    Easy Way To Send Slideshow From Photosuite 4?

    It is MGI 4 Executable
  12. I tried clicking email on share & sending to myself, but the slides dont show exept on the bottom, tried sending via aol, internet explorer, it tried to work, but was out of wack. Tried sending under write mail on aol, under my pictures, but error message of file too large to send. Is there an easier method Im missing? Thanks
  13. the scanner wont connect with photosuite anymore, just stays there after scanning in tig, is supposed to be bmp. Is there a patch for this from MGI?