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    A Rant From Someone Who Couldn't

    I Did follow the instructions and the wanted to charge me for tech support. Like I said before I don't have time to sit and try to figure this thing out. Lets put it into perspective. I'm a fireman I get paid for a service that service is life safety. Now when a municipality hires us (because the tax payers pay us for us to work)do you think I, or they have time to sit and figure out why their house is burning? No they pay into a service and expect the product they pay for to work hassle free right out of the box. So now I pose the question why doesn't this program work right out of the box like it was intended? Now Like I said before unfortunately like you i don't have the time to sit at the computer all day and look for this stuff. Little background i was out with my fiance at BestBuy (where this program is $130.00) looking to upgrade my software, when this piece of ^#!& program caught my eye. Instead of going with my instinct on buying the Sony software (which I know will work cause its made by asians) I decided to keep the money here in America and buy this box of ^#!& called Creator 2011 pro by Roxio. Here I would like to restate BUY FROM FOREIGN LANDS THEY WORK!!!! Did I mention it's still cheaper than the junk in the blue box. Which I know you don't care because it works for and your computer. That's fine and all I really don't care. Who knows maybe it's not the program maybe it's my computer. Who knows? Who cares? I'm more pissed about the company not standing behind their software and I really never asked for you to comment on my posts. The internet gives me an outlet to bitch so guess what I'm going to do? You got it......BITCH!!!!! So unless you can really help a dumbass like me figure this crap out, let me bitch!
  2. DisgruntledConsumer

    A Rant From Someone Who Couldn't

    Silly haha, more like the truth I spent majority of my day going back and forth with a person behind a machine trying to answer things with tech. jargon only a rocket scientist could figure out. So in turn I took the P.O.S. software package (that I had to eat $130.00) and destroyed it the best way I know how. So even if you wanted to help me you can't. The only thing I can do now is spread the word on how un-friendly it is for users to use and will also note that Roxio won't stand behind its product and refund the money that people work hard for. You know the kind of job that doesn't require sitting behind a desk or computer. Basically it comes down to you people have wasted enough of my time. I can't spend my days pounding away at keys like most can. With the exclusion of making my point known for all the other people out there that are shopping for software. I will gladly tell them to move on and keep looking when it comes to your product. The funny thing is i'm not the only one expierencing the same problems! You think you people would have a better solution than what you are providing. I have a solution! How about you take some of my $130.00 that you raped me of and put it into a research and development program that finds a way to make your program work right!
  3. DisgruntledConsumer

    A Rant From Someone Who Couldn't

    This message is for the people looking to invest in quality programming like Roxio Creator 2011pro. Don't do it or you will find yourself doing the same thing that I did. 36 hours of wasted time and no product installed on your computer. When you then try to find some help from the stellar costumer service program you have to send a e-mail and get a whole bunch of links in return. They automatically think you are some sort of computer genius and send you a bunch of technical crap that noone can figure out unless you are Bill Gates. Then when you get so frustrated you want to return the product.... This is where it gets good. The company won't even stand behind their product and give you a refund! Can You believe that crap? So in turn your a stuck eating $130.00 and can't even use the worthless piece of junk they call a program.