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    Importing Mov Video From Canon 7D

    The Freemake Video converter works well, (better i my opinion than Any Video Converter) if production time is not an issue. We've had to buy competitive editing platforms because Roxio continues to ignore the DSLR video/audio synch issue, and we frequently have to get our materiual published very quickly and almost exclusively have moved to DSLR cameras in our work. The addition of external microphone jacks, the ability to select an almost unlimited choice of glass, and the ease of use makes a Nikon DSLR perfect for our work flow. FYI, we have tried several other video editing programs similar in price, and none have issue editing the Nikon HD video and audio. I prefer the intuitive, pleasant to navigate, and effective editing platform offered by Roxio....if only the software would be corrected to properly edit DSLR video, I'd use nothing else unless editing for TV.
  2. Steve_Worrall

    Video Conversion

    None of the numbered issues above are causing a sync issue with our editing. The Roxio editing suite will not accept any HD video recorded on a Nikon or Canon DSLR unless we convert it, adding a frustrating layer of time and effort to our daily editing work. There are quite a number of videographers using DSLR cameras now, so to say a Nikon D3200, for example, is 'masquerading as a camcorder' is an excuse for the Roxio program simply being inferior to any number of other editing platforms that are more expensive, the same cost, and less expensive that have absolutely no issues synching Nikon video/audio in the editing timeline. I'm assuming Roxio is not going to fix the issue from the tone of your reponse, is that correct? A darn shame, because the rest of the functionality is intuitive, effective, and produces an excellent end product. I remain hopeful an update will come along that will fix this issue.
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    .mov Files

    Any Canon T2i video clips shot in 720 or 1080 won't play in the timeline and the audio is badly out of sync and choppy. I can easily edit and output HD video using a few other freeware programs, so no issues with the machine; I like the Roxio intuitive interface and want to use it. I do NOT want to use MPEG Streamclip or Any Video Converter, because that takes way too much production time and I might as well go back to capturing from a firewire and tape at that point. I know others have commented on Canon .MOV files not working with this program, any help? The files from my D5000 Nikon in 720P are fine.Are they really working on this issue? MAybe a patch to fix this in the near future?
  4. Plenty of processor and memory,(Dell M1730- dual core 2.4 , 4 gig ram, 6 gig virtual; gamer-- or quad core Inspiron desktop with 8 gigs ram, doesn't make a bit of difference) so that isn't the issue, other editing programs work fine. 720p or 1080p saved to the desktop HD from the sdhc recorded using a T2i and imported to the timeline cause the preview window to become extremely choppy and skip, audio seems fine. Timeline seems to be just as choppy but it's difficult to tell. It takes as many as several seconds to stop the video in the timeline. I'm having trouble determining where any particular sequence begins or ends in the time line because the preview window plays so poorly. Software is up to date. Advice?
  5. Steve_Worrall

    Canon T2I Video, Settings And Problems

    OK, no improvement at all, in fact the audio doesn't sync any more so my issues are getting worse. Tried to communicate with Roxio through the 'contact us' link and am getting all sorts of odd answers that have nothing to do with the actual question. HELP!
  6. Steve_Worrall

    Canon T2I Video, Settings And Problems

    .MOV, and are either 1080P or 720P. I just bought the 2011 software, hopefully that will help. Love editing using Roxio,, but don't have the time in the heat of producing and uploading 20 videos a day to use MPEG Streamclip or like program to render the .MOV file enough so Roxio will handle it. Thanks for the help, hopefully I can get our crew past this and back on stream with rapid production. Anyone else have any advice? I did everything else the Q&A advice offered here with no improvement.
  7. Steve_Worrall

    Canon T2I Video, Settings And Problems

    I'm updating my Gforce drivers now to see if that improves the issue. The new 2011 software runs HD video better? I'd purchase in a second if that is a fix.