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    Audio Delay Problem

    I only came across this when initially digitising analogue Video8/Hi8 into DV or Digital8/MiniDV, the machine was default to 12 bit, and my software was looking for 16 bit, resulting in a delay. Once I'd changed to digitising to 16 bit Audio, the problem went away. What are the Audio Settings for Roxio Video Capture/Easy VHS to DVD Capture? Luckily I can digitise any analogue video with the JVC SR-VS30, although I did note that my version of VideoGlide which uses a an EasyCAP USB device to encode S-Video/Composite Video & Stereo Audio also had a difficulty with sound delay capture, but the software settings to VideoGlide could be altered to capture in 16 bit, so its possibly a default setting for Quicktime on Macs to look for 16 bit audio?
  2. Wireless

    Choppy Motion During Dvd Playback

    The source is Quicktime Movie, 720x576, DVC-PAL, Linear PCM, Colour Profile PAL (5-1-6). It was originally analogue Video8/Hi8, but I've digitised it using a JVC SR-VS30 onto MiniDV, I tried various USB Video Converters and wasn't impressed with the quality when comparing the digitised images on a frame by frame basis, I felt I was losing even more definition. I did notice the encoding options under Customize, so will probably commit to creating a few test DVDs with various settings and see what the playback is like on a physical DVD Player. You're right, it's Automatically choosing the wrong setting obviously. I've got a bitrate calculator for Video and Audio onto DVD, which I normally rely upon to maximise bandwidth, and started to question my perfect record with encoding HD onto DVD. Thanks for pointing me to a solution to this SD encoding problem. I may have a look at the source using MPEG Streamclip, just for interests sake.
  3. Wireless

    Choppy Motion During Dvd Playback

    Ok, read up a bit about this, and from what I can gather there's a de-interlacing problem. However, the problem is only evident when using Toast default settings to create a DVD-Video, the same source video used when using iDVD default settings plays fine on either computer or physical DVD Player. The Toast created DVD plays fine on a computer, but in a physical DVD Player all motion is choppy. This has to be an encoding setting, so before I get a load of suggestions, the encoding of HD Source 16:9 video onto a DVD or Blu-ray isn't suffering this problem, only when I have standard definition in 4:3 format does this problem arise when playing back a newly created video. Now I haven't encoded standard definition for a long time, so the encoding setting hasn't been an issue, but does anyone know what settings I should use to encode standard definition 4:3 video onto a DVD using Toast 11 Pro? My thanks and appreciation if you can answer this question and provide a solution. Best regards, Wayne