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    Burning Dl Bd

    Yours says BD-RW mine says BD-RE, is there a reason for labeling some bd-rw and bd-re?
  2. Kopfrkingl

    Burning Dl Bd

    Yeah I saw ir, the link I found when I googled it said dl too so I figured it was either way. So is there a difference between re and rw?
  3. Kopfrkingl

    Burning Dl Bd

    HL-DT-ST it says, whatever the difference is.
  4. Kopfrkingl

    Burning Dl Bd

    It's BH30N. Also, what's the diff between rw and re (they're both rewritable no?)
  5. Kopfrkingl

    Burning Dl Bd

    Yeah it was weird, but they said it only said blu ray burner on the spec list they have with everything the comp has. It says hl-dt-st-re bh30n, so this http://www.aliexpress.com/store/401547/209615163-336818805/HL-DT-ST-LG-BH30N-12X-Blu-ray-Burner-Writer-Desktop-DVD-Drive.html lg one comes up? It does say double layered there. I'm pretty sure they sell one that is not dl, or that's what they said when I asked them if it is.
  6. Kopfrkingl

    Burning Dl Bd

    Bought a new dell comp and somehow they couldn't tell me if my bs burner is double layer or not (ordered dl). Anyway I wanted to test it, and see that creator starter came as software with it. I take it this is some form of lighter version of the creator 11 or a trial version? So wanted to know how exactly should I go about testing if my optical drive is double layer or not, as I don't want to waste a 50gb bd disc since it's pretty costly. Is there some sort of limit with the starter, as to the amount you can burn? If not and I wanted to test it with let's say photos should I just go to create data disc and add photos in excess of 25gb to see if they all fit in? And if I wanted to burn it with videos from my camera I see that if I go to video/movies it says create dvd's only. Is there a bd option if you upgrade, and if so can you do dl bd discs with it?