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  1. aojca

    Toast 11.1 Upgrade?

    I also have found this same serious foul-up with updating 2 Mac's this morning one Snow Leopard and one Mountain Lion installation. Both required my re-installing 11.0.4 & HD/BD plug-ins to restore urgent operation. There are No -Updates available on the Australian Site and there have never been any 11.0.5 & 11.0.6 updates available on the USA Site at any time in the last 18mths approx, of checking on-line. All our working installations have reported "No Updates Available, You have the Latest Version" until today ??? It would be helpful if Roxio would Please Explain ASAP and advise ALL Registered Owners of the Availability of the Listed Version Updates that have never been accessible and Still are not !!! This Stuff-Up requires Urgent Attention. It's cost me about 4Hours so far !!! Not Impressed with our Long Preferred Recording Application (About 15 Years)
  2. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    I was originally using T10 with updates, on both machines, then recently due to misunderstanding what T10 Pro was offering I purchased the T10 Pro from apple which upgraded the operating install to T10.0.4. This was insitu when I had to record these programs and did so successfully. However I had also in the time installed some other small CD burn app's for trial and subsequently uninstalled them in the space between MP2 sessions. Whether one of them altered or removed a codec file I would have no idea as Clean App did not indicate the existence of such a Common file. I note that Quicktime X (which I presume you refer to as "8") Has No Independant or for that matter Any, Preference Settings. ??? Certainly none that I can find access too?? I have also found that several Mac file converters recommended such as Switch, etc won't recognise the files either. Dispite the Pgm providers recommendations. However I have discovered that my preferred Wave Editor " Amadeus Pro" will do a speedy batch conversion to MP3 192Kbps, either SubFolder by SubFolder or probably the whole Program File Folder in sequence. I have played one or two MP3's in T10.0.8 and there appears to be no loss of quality .. I have only used Amadeus Pro for Audio Editing, so I'm quite impressed to find this feature as a complement to T10. Both versions of Quicktime have been on these units since QT-X was released. In which case it must be something that has been caused by either a System/iDVD/iMovie or Other, upgrade or update file in the last few weeks. iTunes will recognise & load the files in a Playlist however I haven't recorded as I am short of CD's.for the moment. T10 is far more convenient. The O/Source "Burn" App has to be closed after every burn as it crashes if you try to delete the previous CD's files and import the next two or three and change the Disk Title. A nuisance when you are recording six or eight different CD's. Amadeus Pro will enable me to cope with the problem until the Pgm provider starts uploading MP3 to their server, as I've run most of the downloaded programs up till May 9th into MP3, this evening, ready to burn when required. Still raises the question as to what has happened in these few weeks. As several other "not cheap" CD Burning programs, will not recognise MP2 files either. ?? Cheers,
  3. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    Exactly the same result on the MB134, same Toast app. The problem is the same on T10.0,10.4 & 10.8 as I reinstalled from the CD's progressively when the problem showed up. I am uploading to my Mac.com Public server two sets of files that had previously been recorded to audio CD by toast10 on this MBP. Go to http://public.me.com/aojca and help yourself they are still syncing at the moment, so may not yet be accessable, altho the folders are. Cheers,
  4. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    Thanks, However the mystery remains. Why were a month or six weeks of radio broadcast programs .mp2, recordable on Toast 10.0.4 and are now no longer recognisable. even the same files. ??? iTunes will recognise them OK but I've never used it for any recording as it appears to be a clumsy Interface to put in Text & Titles etc. (Really Prefer the Classic Roxio 6 Audio, as the most convenient & Fast.) I've had to go to "Burn" an Open Source Mac App to avoid wasteful time on conversions. The program providers will be dumping their long standing, MP2 for MP3, middle of April next, as a result of complaints. When their current pre-recorded programs conclude. However that is yet a way off !!! I will Check the same files on an MB134 MBP, my previous original installation to see if this failure is common. I haven't heard if there is supposed to be a supplimentary Plug-In for MP2 encoding/decoding for Mac. or Toast
  5. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    Correct, Quicktime X will not play the .MP2 Audio but QT7 will without any trouble. Question is, Why was I able to skite about being able to record with Toast 10 or 10.4 for some weeks, and then suddenly No Read-ie?? I'm not aware of any minor updates to Snow Leopard that should be responsible???
  6. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    Sadly that does not work on this installation either. I found that I also have Perian installaed and re updated it but even in attempting to Add or Drag the mp2 files into the T10 Converter, It won't accept them and brings up a notice that:- " XXX has not been added as it is not an Audio File or is Not a Supported Format" Just as when doing a normal Audio CD Add files as previously. I have tried to think of the other App's that I have Uninstalled that could relate but am at this time at a loss to recognise anything that I authorised Clean App to remove that could have been interrelated ???
  7. aojca

    Recording From Mp2 Sound Files

    Running T10 on my MacBook Pro, I recently installed T10.0.4 Pro and had necessity to record from Radio Program files using .mp2 format as the only computer capable of doing so. This worked fine until I upgraded the installation on-line to T10.0.8 and discovered that T10 would no longer recognise .mp2 audio files. Forcing me to hunt for a Mac recording application that would process .mp2 files correctly. Is this related to Roxio Toast or has a previous plug-in been inadvertently deleted with a redundant application. Why won"t Toast recognise the MP2 format ??? It's been around for some time ??? Any Urgent Assistance would be appreciated, Thanks aoj@corryong.net