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    What's the best cables to use?

    Sorry - should have clarified: No "on-board, proprietary software" is required: iMovie, QT Pro will suffice, as you point out! Thanks! Steve
  2. ResqDogz

    What's the best cables to use?

    Oddly enough, the Canopus doesn't require any software! I'll have to install it, and let you know... Thanks for the prompt response! Steve
  3. ResqDogz

    My Own First Topic

    Jim/Walt; Do you believe it may be possible - using the Roxio Video Capture USB device alone (sans Easy VHS to DVD software) - to import audio and video from older media formats/devices, using my Roxio Toast Titanium 10 Pro software? Thank you! Steve
  4. ResqDogz

    What's the best cables to use?

    tsantee. I think you've answered MY query, as well; Recently acquired Toast Titanium 10 Pro for use with my iMac (i5/27"), and was wondering if I could simply use the Roxio cabling (sans the "Easy" software) and import directly into Toast? I also have a Canopus 110 converter that may suffice, if the Roxio cabling won't accomplish that...? Thanks for all advice! Steve