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  1. Roxio NXT2; Win 8.1 64bit I built a DVD but during the tasks I kept getting a windows installer window that said installing a feature but could not locate MSI file. I kept cancelling and the DVD build went through. The installer keeps looking at a temp directory (obviously files gone). I pointed to .exe to install Roxio but that did not work because it was a exe not MSI. Why is it doing this and how do I stop it (or let it go to completion)?
  2. JohnLenz

    Playing A Bluray Disk

    No, it is an LG drive only, no software
  3. JohnLenz

    Playing A Bluray Disk

    Roxio NXT, WinDVD Win7 Ultimate 64 bit How can I play (view) a BluRay disk in this version of Roxio. I could in Roxio 2012 (CinePLayer w/BD plugi). THX John
  4. Win7 Pro x64, Lenovo W510 laptop; Roxio Creator 2011 I am getting periodic HDD failures and Lenovo swapped out the drive. Within 3 days disk read error hard stops returned. I can power off and re-boot the system to O/S. I noticed in looking in admin log, Roxio disk monitor red flag errors. Could Roxio 2011 be having problems in 64 bit system? Any thoughts appreciated. John