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  1. I would like to extract photos from slideshows with music tracks that I have created using Creator 2010 as I have lost the original photos used. Any help, with simplified instructions would be greatly appreciated. thank you auldwullie
  2. how do I post a problem?

  3. auldwullie

    Problems With Multiple Slideshows On One Disc

    Hi sknis, Thank you for your very helpful post. I will give you a progress(if any!)report after I have given it a try. Regards auldwullie
  4. auldwullie

    Problems With Multiple Slideshows On One Disc

    Hi folks Special thanks to ogdens and Jim_Hardin for their help and response. I checked out the links that Ogden kindly provided and I learned some new aspects for creating slideshows, particularly on the music side. Jim, I followed your very detailed link and similarly learned a lot, but unfortunately you were using chapters or portions of Video which sadly rather confused this increasing tired old fella! About half way down your link you had a scene showing New Project with Unlinked Button? And Movie 1-4 That structure looks like something I would like to have for a series of Slideshows. If you, or anyone, has the time and patience to produce a simpler version for a Photo and music slide show I would be very grateful. I would like to re-iterate that I have created many individual slideshows in the past but my problem is trying to save a group and then putting a series onto one DVD. Thank you, once again auldwullie
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    Problems With Multiple Slideshows On One Disc

    Hi Jim, Thanks for the advice about DVD RW I was thinking along those lines myself (HONEST!) I have found out that ISO files are an IMAGE of the disc and therefore you can only burn one ISO file to one disc, hence my problem. The different file formats used by software companies are the bane of my life! I just hope there will be a standard file used by all companies in the future,but I am not holding my breath. I may try to convert the files from Creator files to Mpeg4 which MAY be compatible with our PAL dvd players. Any thoughts on that Jim? I am going away for a few days soon so I cannot respond to any replies immediately.Busy times for me in Leicestershire (pronounced Lester shear) in Central England. Hope to speak to you again soon Regards auldwullie
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    Problems With Multiple Slideshows On One Disc

    Hi Jim, Thank you for your long and detailed post which is greatly appreciated. Best wishes auldwullie
  7. auldwullie

    Problems With Multiple Slideshows On One Disc

    Hi Ogdens Thank you for your quick reply and suggestions which are greatly appreciated. Best Wishes auldwullie
  8. Hi Folks, First of all I am a new member and new to forums. I have used the earlier editions of Roxio Creator with some success mostly for photo slideshows with added music. But they have all been one offs, that is just one slideshow on one disc, but now my problem is how do I put a series of holidays on one disc. My usual method is to burn the finished programme firstly as an ISO file, save it, and then burn it to the disc at a later time. I found this the best method when I was editing and burning movies otherwise I found that the process often stalled during the lengthy processing. I am using Creator 2010 which I find surprisingly sluggish most of the time even the assembly process. I am also confused as to how many version of the same slideshow Creator makes and seems to scatter them in different places (probably just to confuse an old man) which are possibly down to me finding the newer Windows 7 more baffling than XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Auldwullie