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  1. ]I saw a really cool transition effect on a video that started with an all white background and slowly filled in image outlines (like a black and white coloring book drawing) and once the drawing was complete, it colored into the actual start frame of the video and then the video started to play. I have reached out to the videos creator to find out how this was done (and with what software) but have got no response. I just upgraded to NXT 5 pro but after scouring all the transitions and effects I cant find anything similar. I've included a short video capture of the effect itself for explanation. Any ideas? My Movie.wmv
  2. SLI_Fallen

    I am having the same problem.

    Umm, No. This is where it shows me that this is posted to: "Roxio Community> Easy Media Creator Products> Creator 2011> Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs" But whatever. Thanks for pointing out to try in videowave first as it turns out it crashed straight away with the QTCF.dll missing message. I had to copy that file from the QuickTime folder to Windows/System32 and all is well. Odd that it's an avi file, and (apparently) at the completion of the encoding/menu creation process MyDVD is invoking videowave but, that as they say is that. Just verified that whole process is working now. Have a great day.
  3. I am having the same problem. Whether I am actually burning the project or creating an ISO (to test) first, it *ALWAYS* gets to 97% and crashes "Videowave has stopped working". I have spent a week uninstalling Roxio (all apps), cleaning out all roxio entries in the registry, disabling *ALL* firewall/antivirus EVERYTHING. Install fresh roxio 2011, downloaded (then installed Service pack 1 (note I clean rebooted at every step and re-disabled all firewall/antivirus AGAIN before installing the service pack and then rebooting again and verifying no more updates were needed. Then tried a simple burn straight away and i'm right back to the exact same problem. And the ISO it created is junk. And, I know what I am doing, trust me.