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  1. mkcottages

    Photoshow to mp4

    They are Photoshow (.photoshow) files. I have purchased NXT Pro 9 but am still unable to play or convert my old photoshows.
  2. mkcottages

    Photoshow to mp4

    Downloaded AVS Convertor but it did not find files to convert.
  3. mkcottages

    Play my Photoshows

    I have downloaded all my photoshows onto the Roxie Photoshow app. I used to be able to play them when I wanted but now that flash player no longer is valid. I am unable to play my photoshows. can anyone help me to convert them to a different formal, say MP4? I have a premium account and I have tried via my account to convert them via the share button but with no success.
  4. mkcottages

    Photoshow to mp4

    I have a number of photo shows already downloaded on to my laptop. I can no longer play them. is there a way that I can convert them to an mp4 format?