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    Toast 11 Titanium = Useless

    Hi all, This thread has been worrying me, so I did a little test myself. I give it to you for what it's worth. This said, I hope Corel people don't mind us doing their job, so they can sit back as they did on my support call? I have a 15" MacBookPro, begin 2011, intel i7 at 2,2GHz, 8GB internal memory, video card Intel HD Video 3000 512MB. running MacOSX 10.7.5 and Toast 11.1 (1072) Titanium, with plug-in for Blu-ray burning onto DVD's. My disk burner is Pioneer BDR208, mounted in LaCie d2 drive (updated the firmware from LaCie site). The disks are Panasonic LM-BRS2MWE25, special archive disks (25y). I burn Data, Mac & PC, archiving video footage, nearly always spanned. So far, Toast has done a good job for me (after I found out about the firmware update). It's much too slow, but that's another thread, see elsewhere in this forum. I installed Mac OSX 10.8 on a stick, started up, installed Toast under the new OS and tried to burn a small project spanned over 3 CD's. It worked fine. I have good hopes, that Toast will continue to do its job, but perhaps any of you has a suggestion for further testing? Would things go different using spanned Blu-rays (I would hate to see them go waisted). My only concern right now is, that the whole program will be off the market soon, given all the bad experiences. It took me long to buy the license (because of initial bad experience re full price for upgrading, I had to swallow longtime), but I really see no alternative program, offering the same functionality. They are on top and they know it, so they think they can afford to be arrogant and for the moment they're right. Paul
  2. ATOWAPaul

    Very Slow Writing Of Data Dvd

    Hi Peter and tsantee, I also noticed slow burning. Presently I'm archiving all original footage (already on HDD's, but I want them safe for the long term (25y or so), so I do a lot of Data Mac & PC Blu-rays (25GB, now affordable). The burner can handle 15x, the disks 6x, but Toast isn't giving me more than 3x (burn speed set at Best). One disk (nearly all of them are spanned) takes over one hour to finish and I have Terabyte to go yet. BTW I'm using MacBook Pro with i7, begin 2011 and MacOSX 10.7.5 Would the image route give me more speed but above all: the same reliability? I don't want to find out after, say 10 years, that I'd better taken the slow route. Please give me your thoughts, they would be much appreciated. Paul
  3. ATOWAPaul

    What Kind Of Support Is This?

    Edit on the first message: Meanwhile, the issue itself is solved. I discovered, that LaCie has a firmware update on its site. I installed it and everything seems to run smoothly again. So I stick to my statement, that the program is OK. Now they only have to add some attitude to their so called support people. Short and blunt isn't going to make you any friends. Paul
  4. ATOWAPaul

    What Kind Of Support Is This?

    I have an issue with Roxio Toast 11 Titanium. It worked fine until I changed the Pioneer BDR205 burner for a BDR208. Now it freezes and burns coasters out of my archive blu-rays. The hardware seems OK. No updates there. I had to change the device because the Panasonic long life blu-rays are tested with the 208, not with the 205. Today I received the following response: Our product experts will investigate and determine if the issue warrants scheduling in a future update/release. We will contact you if more information is required. Somehow that doesn't make me happy. Do they advise me to sit and wait for their experts and meanwhile forget about my archiving? But that's what I bought the license for, well partly at least. I am sad to say, that this is the second issue with Roxio. The fist being about paying full amount for a license although I was upgrading from the version shipped with my external LaCie Blu-ray burner. So, if you have high expectations of the support people of Roxio, think again.
  5. ATOWAPaul

    How Can I Burn The Best Quality Blue Ray Disk?

    Hi Steve, That's funny, I have the opposite experience, Apple's Final Cut Pro X file > share > Blu-Ray outperforms Toast 11 Blue-ray burning. I don't know why, must have to do with codecs used. Don't know about iMovie, though. But maybe moving the nitrate slider up will improve Toast's rendering and output quality? Haven't tried that one, thank you for bringing it up. As you will have guessed, I'm no rookie either, still a lot to be learnt. But then, this will always be so. Paul
  6. ATOWAPaul

    Non Existing Service By LaCie

    Bought a LaCie d2 blu-ray burner, which came with Roxio Toast Titanium 9. I was very much pleased, until the total misery began. 1. Toast Titanium 9 would not install, the password would not let me pass. 2. I have asked LaCie for a new password. It took 3 months, but I got a new password and Toast 9 worked. Again I was happy, but not for long. 3. Something (virus?) caused my hard disk to crash, I had to reinstall from scratch. But lightning stroke twice, Toast 9 would not reinstall, both passwords blocked. 4. I posted a ticked on 2 February 2011, and got lots of answers: we will come back, we will help you, but guess? No new password or resetting of any old one. 5. I was intending to upgrade to Toast 10, but can't, because 9 isn't working, so I can have it, but for the full charge only. I think Roxio has grown lazy and self content. They don't care for a customer anymore and their service is non-existent. So the solution is simple: customers, keep away. There's much more out there, that can do the same.