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  1. wessonjoe

    Error While Writing Format

    - since i have an ssd drive, quad-core 955 black processor, nvidia gtx550ti graphics and 16gig of memory, there is no way my rig is underpowered. the resulting mp4 file downloaded has no security descriptors that would prevent burning. it burned to normal dvd fine. the avchd dvd process crashed. now i get a lot of crashes until the regular dvd eventually works. source: used YTD to download. wanted to burn for a friend who doesn't have internet. nxt2 is really freaky now. please help. . -
  2. wessonjoe

    Error While Writing Format

    just upgraded to nxt2 from 2011 trying to write avchd to dvd image file get this error when it tries to burn: "Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call failed. Error while Writing Format" source: hd mp4 youtube video any idea why?? usually don't have a problem writing a regular dvd image file. having a large problem getting mydvd to run without crashing. but it does eventually work and create an image file. win7 ultimate custom pc build: msi board, amd phenom2 955B, msi550ti video, 16G ripjaws memory
  3. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    when i did as you did, used "3d file correction" to change the input files to half width L/R, it started working correctly, albeit an extremely large file. (about 30 Gig. for 2hr 41min) i may be able to burn it to a 50G bluray disk?? for playback?? but my new one did not have a border, like your screen shot. not in the preview anyway. can hardly wait to get home and see if it worked. the only diff. i can see is that you chose H.264/both where i chose "All". actually, my friend Darrell was the tech. while i was in the play. he used my i2. i've not looked to see how well he did framing his shots. i think he was mostly concerned with getting the whole stage in the frame. he did say he was going to try to use the zoom to get tighter on the solo. i have found that the camera does not do very well at large distances, not even with zoom, as it is software not hardware. all i can say about video card software is that i have the CUDA and Vision settings active. this means i can use the extra processors of the video card for processing the conversion, and, output 3d to my tv. do you have videowave using the extra processors on the video card? do you think it could be the cyberlink bluray/3d drivers that might be having an adverse effect on the rendering process? (bluray drive came with special PowerDVD that plays bluray 3d) i guess i could post an image of that install disk for you to test with. . btw, i play George Read, the little golden boy in the front, if you were wondering.
  4. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    but why the large border on the top and bottom? .
  5. tried AVCHD 3d disk.

    set tv to convert to 3d side-by-side L/R and it showed fine.

    the tv did not automatically detect the disk as 3d.

    hope this helps.



  6. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    source: http://www.mediafire.com/?59s3y9dynijdt video from our last practice session procedure: open videowave start new 16:9 project select files for import identify as 3d side-by-side LR, all select export to file save project choose avchd 1280 x 720 (24 fp) side-by-side LR create file ouput file is 1280 x 720 but each frame has large borders around it. also tried your avc 800 x 450 suggestion and got the same result. no post processing, just input/output. it seems like the program has put each frame in a box. see the above output from Larry's gig as an example. i get the feeling that this program does not resize each L/R frame up to the output size. instead it crops it into a box. i tried an old letterbox file once and it came out as a really small box in the middle of the screen. my tv expands it out to cover the whole screen instead of what videolab does to it. very disheartening. .
  7. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    ok, i just tried that setting and it still crops the video. i have the latest nvidia 275.33 drivers and win7 is up to date. what else could be wrong? .
  8. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    but is that output 1280 x 720 still, or something else? . (just got through with 1776 production and now have time to revisit this) (i have video taken with the i2 at http://www.mediafire.com/?59s3y9dynijdt) (wanted to put all the clips together and make a 3d avchd file but it came out cropped just like the trim) (so not feeling the love here) .
  9. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    i know for sure that the Aiptek source file is 1280 x 720 L/R and that there are no borders at all. (see darrell's band above) then i put it in the trimmer and it comes out with huge borders. can you please tell me how to avoid that? (i'll try to upload the source file somewhere) .
  10. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    ok. i have selected side-by-side everywhere. the result is: upload failed. (2.59 GB for 12 minutes??) it's still the same large borders, but it is HD now. .
  11. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    ?? 1/2 width ?? so you think maybe the video trimmer is my problem here? . new test is uploading. this will take a while.
  12. wessonjoe

    Videowave Trim Didn't Write 720P Side-By-Side File

    yes, i did as you say. new 16:9 3d project - add video, side-L/R - export as side-L/R you see the result, not HD like original. the export only allowed avc-better or below. why? .
  13. this file should be like this one , only trimmed. since the original is about 34 minutes, i need to cut it into 3 sections to post on youtube. i tried to create a new 3d production in videowave, add the file, and use the trim function to select about 12 minutes to output to a side-by-side file. the output options only allowed dvd-sized video (480 x 2) for a side-by-side. how do i get the trimmed video file to be the same format as the 3d camera file? (Aiptek I2 3D camera, 720p side-by-side.) and how do i get rid of the borders? .
  14. Did you try the REALD yet? I have samsung 3D TV, Samsung 3D blu-ray player, and Samsung 3D active shutter glasses. Will the ROXIO 2011 program -after creating a 3D DVD disc- play -AND BE WATCHABLE- on my Samsung equipment? My email is: wellendowedpaul@yahoo.com. I have not opened the ROXIO box yet, and have not opened my DELL 3G laptop yet (which I plan to install ROXIO into). Thank you.

  15. wessonjoe

    Aspect Ratio Problem

    try converting video to 16:9 before adding to MyDvd project??? .