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    It Dont Create

    Frustrated. I Cant Get Rid Of The Flying Biplane And Idiotic Music On My Video Creations. No Matter What I Do. Every Video I Make Comes Up With This MESS AND MY DVD HAS NEVER WORKED..ROXIO CREATOR 11. HELP
  2. corea

    Roxio Creator 2009

    Like Reagan said "there you go" Youre assuming (quite erroneously) that I did something to MY computer NO. I used C2009 for 2 years (Jan to Jan) then all of a sudden it started acting up. It would take for ever to open, then I couldnt open it at all. I was advised to UNINSTALL it and RE INSTALL it. I did just that. NOTHING ELSE. It does NOT RE INSTALL NOT EVEN THE ICON comes up. My disc is brand new only used twice in 2 years. Why is everybody having the SAME problem with ROXIO CREATOR 2009??? Why does Roxio NOT have a service site for C2009 (like their other products)unless you pay $1.89 per minute (minimum $28.35)whether it is resolved or NOT. If you cant HELP ME and ALL the others dont bother to reply. Thank u. corea
  3. Lost access to Roxio C9, so I uninstall to re install. Now I get msg "not authorized to use product. Does not matter what I try. Calling Roxio is a waste of time I get the telephone run around even Staples (where I purchased it) cant help. It worked for 2 years and now quit. Anybody have a fix to re install Roxio Creator 2009 and have it work?? Roxio is forcing us to purchase newer S/W I WILL NOT BUY ROXIO AGAIN.