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    Redownload Emc 9 Suite?

    I didnt say a physical copy didnt exist, i just said when i bought it online and downloaded it I wasn't offered a copy to be sent to me or anything....i definitely should have made my own though, weird i didnt cuz i have with alot of other software but didnt for some reason with this....lesson learned
  2. Late421

    Redownload Emc 9 Suite?

    when i purchased it i wasnt offered a physical copy of it, it was bought through download
  3. Late421

    Redownload Emc 9 Suite?

    what are my options then besides spending even more money and getting an updated version? i have none do I? lol
  4. Late421

    Redownload Emc 9 Suite?

    wow, so basically Im SOL and i cant use it anymore cuz i cant get it anymore, paid for it and now its gone? thats kinda shady
  5. i had emc 9 come with my computer then i upgraded to the suite...i had to restore my computer and now i dont know how to redownload the suite so i dont have the limited usability and can burn dvds with all the options and such please help.....i see that i have the suite registered but cant find where to re-install it from