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    MyDVD LE

    This was a frustrating issue. I'm glad to hear someone else was able to benefit from this solution...It makes the effort worth while.
  2. sjones

    MyDVD LE

    Good News, I figured out how to get past the Sonic/Roxio on-line activation screen.!!!! I wondered how somebody without internet access would activate their software - it seemed unreasonable for Sonic/Roxio to assume On-line activation was the only solution. Here is exactly what I did: 1. Shutdown all Sonic/Roxio Appliations runnin on my PC. 2. Physically disconnected my PC from the internet (actually I disconnected it from my network, making it a stand alone PC) 3. Restarted the MyDVD LE application 4. I was presented with a different set of options when MyDVD started up, and I selected - "Off-Line Activation" 5. I wrote down the MyDVD serial number displayed in the pop-up window. 6. I called the number listed for Sonic phone activation (1-877-627-6619) 7. Entered the MyDVD serial number and was instantly provided with an activation code for my copy of MyDVD LE. 8. Restarted MyDVD LE and everything was GOOD. Note: I experimented with uninstalling the Roxio/Sonic software again and was never prompted with the activation requirment again, even after manually deleting some of the Sonic/Roxio registry entries. Not sure where they store the successful activation information - but once you have successfully registered it should stick, unless you wipe your PC hard-drive clean. Which is what I did when I reconfigured the RAID array on my PC. Thanks for all the assistance and support - hopefully someone else will benefit from the information in this Thread
  3. sjones

    MyDVD LE

    I thought Roxio and Sonic were now the same company - sorry for the cross post. I did check the Dell forums and did not get a hit on this topic. Unfortunately, Dell support typcially will not assist with software issues. I give the Sonic forums a try, too. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. sjones

    MyDVD LE

    I am having troubles activting the MyDVD LE (, Build 31516) that came with my DELL PC. Each time I start the application, it connects to the internet for Activation and returns with a message. Unsuccessful Activation. There was a problem activating your product. This could be due to: An error occurred in activating your product, please try again later. I have reinstalled the application but got the same result. I posted to Roxio Support and they suggested I call phone support. But I have not been at my PC during support hours. The Roxio Creator for Dell installed along with Dell Media Experience (3.1.0001) - Sonic CinePlayer and works without issue. Here are the verisons contained within Roxio Creator. Module Name: Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition Build: 2.4.32a Serial Number: SC-204B28K Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 2.4.35a, 68 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Audio Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28I, RCB Serial Number: CK7MLEHCWVS3HRNG2 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Home Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Data Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B37E, RCB Serial Number: CLTUVS6F28A6YBHFW Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Launch Backup Build: 204B37E, RCB Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Module Name: Roxio RecordNow Copy Version: 2.0.4 Build: 204B28K, RCB Serial Number: CQGMVJ9FWDCZ7EEG6 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2004 Thoughts or Suggestions on how to get around the Activation Screen
  5. sjones

    Creator vs RecordNow vs MyDVD

    OK, so the new products are of Roxio lineage. Roxio Advertisements indicate EMC8 contains all the functionality of MyDVD8, plus more. Is that also true for the RecordNow8 feature set? Does EMC8 contain all the RecordNow8 funcitonality, too? Is there a trial version I can download to verify functionality with my hardware? Also, any issues with Nero 6 Ultra Edition - I have a copy but have not installed it yet? My PC configuration is as follows: Dell XPS-400/9150 WinXP Media Edition - SP2 Intel Duo Core - 2.8Ghz 1GB RAM ATI Hyper Memory PCI-Express X16 X300SE - 128MB HLDS GWA-4154 HH 16X DVD-RW (LG) Dual Seagate 160GB SATA drives - Intel Matrix Raid (82801 GR/GH) with active Raid 0 & Raid 1 volumes Intel Pro 1000/PL Network Adapter Thanks again.
  6. I recently received a DELL PC with an installation of Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition which in turn has entries for RecordNow Audio/Copy/Data and an entry for MyDVD LE. I have used the Sonic MyDVD (5.0 DLX) and RecordNow (6.5 DLX) successfully in the past and was considering upgrading the limited DELL Creator software suite. My question is should I buy Creator 8 or the individual RecordNow 8 and MyDVD 8 products. Is there missing functionality in the Creator 8 suite that I would get if I updgraded to the individual RecordNow and MyDVD editions. I think RecordNow and MyDVD were Sonic Products and EasyCreator was a Roxio Product. Is the Creator suite a marriage of these 2 companies products? Thanks in advance for the advice.